No Broadband – Help!

Yet another complaint from an unhappy BT customer complaining about no broadband. Sound familiar? 

Dear BT

My broadband starting playing up on Saturday. I contacted BT on Sunday afternoon because the hub signal keep going to orange then blue then orange.

I was told there was a billing issue which I know is not the case as my BT bill is up to date I spent over 1 hour on the phone to 3different people and the last a manager told me there was nothing wrong with the bill and billing would phone me between 10am &11am on Monday 16/1/2012 no call came what a shock I rang when I got in from work around 16-30 and once again I was told it was a billing issue after 45 minutes of hanging on the phone I was told there was no problem with my account.

I was told by a BT advisor they would keep an eye on my account for 24 hours and call me back Tuesday 17/1/2012 at 5pm what a surprise no phone call and still my Bt hub was showing orange I rang 150 again to complain about the service and treatment from Bt over 1 hour again being bounced from pillar to post and being cut off twice someone agreed with myself there was a problem with my hub.

They couldn’t get onto the page they needed to get me a engineer out but assured me that I would get a call from that department this morning to get an engineer out ASAP it’s now 12-45 in the afternoon of 18/1/2012 and yes you have guest it no call again I’m sick of being passed from person to person and I feel they don’t really care about me having no broadband which I’m paying for I’ve spent over 3 hours speaking to different people and if it’s not sorted out within the next 48 hours I’m moving to another company because I’ve had enough of Bt and their lack of service.

Stevie G.

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