No Broadband For 19 Days

Dear BT Complaints, I can honestly say that my recent experience of BT Broadband Technical Support has been the worst Customer Service experience of my whole life! This is a potted version of events.

  1. I lost my BT Broadband service on Friday 13th January.
  2. The service was eventually restored on Thursday 2nd Feb.
  3. I made over a dozen calls from to BT’s Broadband Technical Support.
  4. I was eventually contacted by nice man in BT’s Leeds 161 office who got things moving.
  5. The key issue was that during the process, ‘someone’ cancelled my broadband account, which meant the local engineer could not change the faulty part, even though he knew it was faulty!
  6. This issue was known to me on 16th Jan when I was called by an engineer who was at the local exchange, poised and ready to fix my problem. So, I asked him to restore the broadband service to my number, only to be told that I had to do it. (WHY I hear you ask!??)
  7. So I rang broadband support on 16th Jan and asked for it to be done.
  8. Rang again and again during the week.
  9. At some point my problem was escalated to ‘level 2’ support, which sounds promising but still didn’t get anything done.
  10. On 23rd Jan I am rung again from the local exchange to be told there is still no broadband service on the number.
  11. I ring broadband technical support again, explain the problem, ask them to reinstate the broadband service, and get very angry.
  12. I repeat this process for the next four to five days.
  13. I am contacted by the Leeds band of BT guardian angels who take me under their wing.
  14. Thursday 2nd Feb, and we are finally back online!

Summary of BT Failings

  1. They terminated my broadband service so that the fault would not interfere with the land line service. However, I have another landline which we use almost exclusively for voice, and the original broadband fault caused me minimal disruption because it was cured by simply rebooting the router. So, they took away my broadband altogether to give me a voice service that I didn’t need! Nice one!
  2. BT’s Broadband Technical support desk is manned by very well meaning people. However, they do not speak directly to the local broadband engineers and have to rely on notes left on the fault log. This means that I usually knew more about the problem than they did. They also did not seem to grasp that the problem was because the broadband service needed to be restored to my line. (Unless they did know, but didn’t want to tell me that I had been put into a long queue of people waiting for the same thing to be done, or maybe even behind setting up new customers’ accounts??)
  3. Each time you call the helpdesk you have to go through:
    Select the options.
    Listen to someone telling me to try rebooting my router.
    Security questions.
    Re-explain the problem.
    And then, after I became a ‘level 2’ issue,
    Hold while transferred to ‘level 2’, followed by:
    Security questions.
    Re-explain the problem.
  4. This can easily take 20 mins and several cycles through the ‘eine kleine nachtmusik’. 

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  • for the past nine months i have been calling bt about my broadband and phone and all i can get is we will send an engineer to your property they send three engineer and every one check the same thing every time the last one said that he didnt have the equipment to check and he will send another one that have equipment to check the line that was about 4pm on the 7of february at about 8pm.ireceive a call from one johnson saying thank you conforming the issue is resolved you should encounter further issues within the next7 days please respond to this text with a suitable day for us to contact you.we?llcall you to help you further.thats not good enough for know that they have this problem all over and cant solve it .i call bt.and i only get we dont deal with it in this department stay on the line and i will get one of myfriend from that department to talk to you.well all i know is that this is a rip off from this company.and i would like the them to come strait and say we cant solve this problem everybody is complaining about the same problem.i am waiting for it to turn orange and i will be on the line at 12oclock again and this time i will be getting some advice what action to take?

  • Hi yes I would like to contribute here..basically this is a very difficult problem all round openreach service the network and have to remain impartial to all providers they service..but basically they are owned by BT you work out the rest here…BT have to bring back tech support to the UK basing it overseas in the cheaper call centres is a big no brainer…The Chief Execs senior complaints team needs to be brought back here aswell…are friends over the other side of the world nice as they are and may seem cant cut it…what would happen one day if we started doing their lingo over here in uk call centres servicing east asian businesses get my point?Try as hard as they like they are thousands of miles away and do not give a T….SS!! BT will not listen at the present moment in time, the only way they will take note is people vote with their feet…Plusnet have the right idea, but BT own them too…bet you did not know that??? The challenge give us a uk call centre BT on an options choice prompt menu then we can see which one gets used and which one does not…My old mum cannot understand a word the overseas call centres say in her late 70's….plus the fact they tell some of the biggest porkies going…pack it in BT and go back to reality with the dancing around dont forget you were born from public funds from the likes of the man in the street such as me…

  • Hi Guys,
    I'm just about to call BT again. It's been 23 days since the broadband should have started working. Apparently they have got it working at least twice in the meantime, sending people to the local exchange to fix the issue. They have not in fact fixed anything and we still have no broadband from BT.
    I can't remember how many times I have called and been either fobbed off or lied to. If it doesn't happen this time I'll cancel the order and return to my old provider, though more expensive, at least they offer service and broadband. Thanksfully I didn't disconnect from the old provider as we have 2 lines into the property.

    I dislike being treated like this but it seems BT do not care about their customers.

    Last chance guys….


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