New Property BT Complaint – No Phone or Broadband

Contacted BT in November 2017 regarding a new house asked them to be our provider! They did a survey, all good and this will be straight forward. They told us contact them 6 weeks before the house is finished and connections for phone and broadband will be installed. Contacted them Match 2018 for connections, new survey says a pole need replacing, after hundreds of phone calls and lies from BT eventually in July a pole was fitted.

Then we were told another pole on the high street would have to be replaced as well! Again nothing, hundred more phone calls, more lies.

Eventually in September we managed via citizens advice to Offcom to get to the executive complaints level and although it took another 2 months we final in November 2018 got internet. One whole year on! In the meantime the house was completed in April 2018 we could not sell it or rent it without internet and had to pay a huge mortgage and council tax, plus big electric and gas bills as heating was on for the plaster to dry out.

BT offered us £30 compensation via ombudsmen (who are always on the side of the phone companies) and told us it was the fault on Openreach.

Apparently my complaint should have gone to Openreach but my contract was with BT  and it is impossible to get hold of Openreach.

This has killed us financially, both my husband and myself had to see the doctor with stress as we struggled to make the payments each month!!!

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