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Getting a new phone line with BT often leads to problems as many of you have experienced. You just need to read the many complaints on this website to find out that BT should be doing more to help their customers with the basics of their business. This complaint below is just one of many we have received.

Dear BT Complaints

I’m about to send this to BT but googling came up with your website first, here is my complaint.

I am most disappointed in the way I have been treated by BT this last week and am left confused by my experiences, and no doubt out of pocket. We currently have a BT landline, and will be moving house at the end of the month. We wish to move our services to the new property. We started by looking online and realised we needed at least 14 days to inform you of this. I phoned BT on the 9th April informing you that we will be moving on the 27th April.

I was told this would be fine, the new property was checked and there was already an active line there, so I was told it would be a simple switch and minimal charge, if any for the switchover, and that we could keep our existing phone number. There would be no need for an engineer to call round. I was happy and confident at this stage that BT would make our move straight forward.

The following day I found out we may need to move earlier. So I phoned BT in the early afternoon to see if we could change the date to Saturday 24th. This is where my problems started. I was told the date cannot be moved forward, only back. I was advised the best thing to do would be to cancel the original order and place a new order. Because it was still outside the 14 days this would be fine, and there would be no problems.

So I agreed, the order was cancelled and a new order was started. I was then told, half way through the process that there was a “hold” on the line due to the first order still being in the process of cancellation. I was told to phone back in a few hours and place the order. So I did. This third phone call resulted in me being told a few hours wasn’t enough and BT actually needed 24 hours to cancel the order. This meant we were creeping into the 14 days limit and we may be charged for line rental at 2 properties. If I had been told any of this, I would never have cancelled the first order to move on 27th April.

My forth phone call to BT was yesterday, Sunday morning. Approximately 40 hours after cancelling the first order, that was a straight forward order. I explained what had happened and tried to place a new order for services to be moved on 24th April. Firstly I was told this cannot happen on a Saturday. Again, I wouldn’t have cancelled the original order had I known this. I then asked for Friday 23rd April, and went through all the questions with an advisor again. This time I was told there wasn’t an active line at the new property and we would be charged £124 for an engineer to come out and connect to BT.

When I explained to the man at the end of the phone that I had no problems just days ago with the same details, he passed me onto someone else, without explaining a single thing. So I had to explain everything again. The lady I was speaking to was obviously foreign and was struggling to understand anything I was telling her, so I was passed on again. There I was the third time, explaining that somehow our new property had lost a BT line in a few days. Admittedly this female advisor did try and help with the situation, but the story wasn’t changing. We would have to pay £124 for installation of a line. After various discussions with her manager, she said it was the only way to proceed, so I agreed. Again wishing I had never taken the advice given to me on the second phone call.

Because it was a Sunday morning and I was fed up, I agreed to the amount and the order was processed. Then I was told the earliest they could do this installation was the 4th May. By this time, as you can imagine, I didn’t know what to believe. Why had things changed so much in a few days? If I had never taken the advice on the second phone call and stuck with the original order, we would have services when we needed them, without paying for an installation, at least that is what I was told. I now don’t have any confidence in the competence of BT.

After some explanation of the inconvenience this was going to have on us, I finally agreed and decided to place the order. I didn’t dare leaving it any longer. So we now have to change our moving date. As you can imagine this has caused an extra amount of time on our part, and of course a great deal of money (we will have to pay for 2 properties during the gap). We need there to be a smooth switchover as we need to inform our Broadband provider, so the date can be the same. Both I and my husband need to have broadband services for work purposes (on a static IP address), so as you can imagine, it is important we are not without for any length of time.

I am about to look at the possibility of leaving BT. I was told this cost is because the previous tenant was with a different provider. If this company can offer a better option then we will go with them, although it is disappointing I have to do this. Unless of course the previous company was BT, which is what I was told on the first phone call.

I will then look into moving my business account with BT as I am concerned at the lack of competence. I am even more concerned after talking to a friend whose daughter had the same problem, only to be in her property 2 weeks after the agreed date, still without phone services.

I would appreciate a quick response to this complaint, with any information which might explain why this has happened, and what BT will do to rectify the upset and inconvenience this has caused.

Yours Sincerely,

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