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Submitted by Andy in November 2016

I placed a new order with bt online for a new telephone line a new number and broadband. As I am in a new build property I had to have a line installed. I received an email confirming all of this.

My engineer arrived two days ago and installed the line that is fine but heard nothing about the broadband. Called them numerous times to be told my order is for a new phone line only and no order placed for broadband. They say they can’t provide me with any of the offers over the telephone and I will have to go back online as an existing customer to order broadband separate.

When you do this it adds another charge for line rental which I am already paying and there is no option for just broadband only. Called numerous times since and they are just unwilling to help.

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  • I am moving to a property that they can’t even find on their supposed network. They are now so automated that if a slight deviation from protocol happens, they simply cannot entertain it.
    The property I’m moving into has a fibre to the home line. Well, when I give them the address details they say ‘there is no network connection to the property’ and secondly ask ‘is this a new build?’ I reply that there is an existing line and that the previous tenant has been using this line with a 38mb speed with no problem.
    They can’t find the property on their network and keep getting a message that ‘there is no line’ and because of this I will have to have a new line, pay £65 quid and only have a basic phone, no broadband package ‘as there is no broadband in my area’
    No there is not just broadband love there is fibre as well!!!!! 4, 1 hr calls and no joy as yet. And guess what? I phone SSC who had provided the previous tenant with said broadband and electricity and they say ‘that either the line doesn’t exist or it’s been deactivated by the previous tenant due to moving and, in which case, they can supply me with a new line if no line exists or simply activate the old one. And, it is a 1/3rd cheaper for the same facilities….go figure!

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