New BT Phoneline and Broadband Complaint

Yet another complaint sent in about BT Customer Services whilst setting up a new BT phoneline and broadband.

Dear Sir

I rang to order a new phone line and broadband; I’ve always been with BT and the service has always been good, so choose the one I knew.

First Call 28 June: “Yes, you can have a new line, it’ll be xxx hundred pounds for connection and broadband will be added one week later.”

Second Call : “Ah but sorry, you can’t have broadband until your phone line is connected, so we’ll have to cancel your broadband order. However we have a date for Openreach to intall, 14 July.”

I asked if this could be earlier and was told it could, so the order was changed. Then it was cancelled and the original date of 14 July was quoted along with my new telephone number, which appeared on the tracking information on

Got a text to say everything was confirmed for 14 July am. It’s over two weeks from the original order, but I accepted that I’d have to wait.

14 July am came, then pem came so I rang. “It’ll be connected at midnight” I was told.

Midnight came…Nothing! I called the next morning to ask what had happened was replied with “Oh there seems to be a problem, I’ll get the engineer to call you today”.

Today is now yesterday and this morning, still no engineer, no connection, no explanation. So I rang again. ‘The order has been cancelled”. I was told, again. After pushing and talking to the supervisor’s supervisor, that the number BT allocated to me was given to someone else and that ‘the back office’ failed to contact Openreach to change the number, so Openreach cancelled the order.

At the first level of communication, I was just told the order had been cancelled. ‘But I haven’t cancelled anything”, I explained. Two steps up the supervisor ladder we find the order and I’m told that this was an error in the BT back office.

I’m then told I have to place another order. Since I haven’t been responsible for cancelling the order, I can’t for the life of me see why!!

So now, I have a new date for my phone line to be connected, remember for xxx hundred pounds, is 24 July.

And I have to ring the number already allocated to me and apologise to the people there, because I’ve already given the number out.

Complain to BT. “There are no complaints systems in place”. I’m told. Thank god for this BT complaints website!

Thank you, I feel better….

What a disaster!

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  • I have requested for the past 4 months now, that my broadband account is transferred from the business account it is registered with, to my own name but BT have failed to do so. This means that my previous employer – I stopped working for them on the 28th May – still pays for my internet connection which is not acceptable.

    If I call 150 to get it changed, I am told to call 152 as the broadband contract is business but when I call 152, I am told to call 150 as the line is private! I have not managed to speak to the same person twice and nothing has happened. Changing the phone from business to private was painful enough and took more than a month from the original request!!! Changing broadband is impossible. I therefore had no options but leave BT and go to another provider.

    As soon as my request to change provider was processed, BT's customer services director, Nigel Stagg, sent me a letter to inform me that I would be charged £74.52 as I was terminating my BT contract early.

    Interesting how BT have been incapable of providing me the service I requested over the last 4 months but it takes them a couple of days to charge me for terminating a contract that they never fulfilled!!!

    On top of all this, I also had a major issue with my business broadband a couple of weeks ago and the service provided by BT was extremely poor. It took a week for the connection to be re-established, I spent hours on the phone with different people doing the same tests over and over again, to hear after 4 days that there had to be something wrong in my house causing the problem and therefore an engineer would have to come out two days later.

    The next morning the connection was magically re-established, so I cancel the engineer and asked what had been done to repair the issue which had been going on for 5 whole days! “Nothing” was the answer. I was also told that BT could not guarantee a connection all the time! They never stipulated this in either of their advertisements or contracts!

    I asked how I could send an official complaint when all this was going on and was given an e-mail address – – which proved to be no longer in use. The auto-reply message told me to contact BT on their website… And how was I supposed to do this when I had no broadband access?

    BT advertise their service as "an easy way to de-stress and keep life simple. Get broadband, phone line and calls together in one easy package". They have filled MY LIFE with stress and have failed to put everything in one single package, the very thing I wanted!

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