Moving House with BT

This BT complaint was sent in regarding the problems with moving house and phoneline setup.


I’m having problems with home moving with BT. I’m on a contract for a year due to finish in Feb 2012. I am moving home this week and I have had hour long chats with at least four managers in BT’s home moving department. Each customer service rep I spoke with were are all like tape recorders – just repeating the same thing but not listening to you.

It all started this way. I am told that I need to pay £130 for getting the connection sorted in my house as your computer check on my home line has failed. Your system is showing no active connection since 2007( I spoke to the previous owner a week ago on his land line!). This obviously means that the information on their computer is wrong. After a lot of persuasion they agreed that If I provide the existing land phone number (even though it is Sky) they will look into PAS and sort this out for me.

Next day I got a new set of managers who are saying that whoever spoke to me before me doesn’t know his job! The only thing they can offer is – if I am ready to pay £4 per month they will waiver every fees. I clearly asked him whether that means 12×4 = £48. I thought it is better. I am having my freesat tuner which I am using without paying any money and they are making it rewindable for £4! He seems to think that it is an amazing offer and I should take it. The catch I realised is that I need to extend the contract by 18 months. I asked him whether he realizes I am being forced into this. He didn’t think so!

Next day I send a complaint via website. Now another set of people call me and tells me that the above offer will be done with 12 months contract and the broadband will end at 5 months. I cant understand these guys at all. She seems to think that I am having the cheapest broadband connection in the country. When I asked about the complaints procedure, the guy is telling me there is no complaint. I had to tell him that it is me who had complaint and not him. This is all you can do he advised. When I queried about Ofcom and codes of practise, he seemed very weary and seemed not interested.

I would like to know few things.

  • If there is a land line which was working till last week, why cant someone look up and find out what is happening.? Why cant someone speak to technical department and find out?
  • If by your fault, you cant keep your side of the bargain, I believe there is no contract between us anymore. You should return all my money and let me go to a different provider.Why this doesn’t happen. 
  • Why should I forfeit my annual rental and a further disconnection fee. Do you consider it as unfair terms on one of the parties involved in a mutual contract?
  • Why am I forced to buy a different package? Do you think it is mis-selling?
  • Why there is no transparent complaints procedure or anyone willing to resolve this isssue?

Doesn’t any one in BT value any customer anymore?

I hope you appreciate the stress involved in buying a property and moving there. Now you are adding to my stress unnecessarily.


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