Moving House – New BT Broadband and Telephone Line Problems

Moving house as a BT customer is often full of problems when it comes to organising new broadband and telephone. This complaint highlights the common issues with what should be simple.

Dear Sir,

  1. We decided to move house on 8th April 2010. Prior to the move, I phoned to BT and informed our intention. I also gave new home address and other necessary details. The customer service advisor had confirmed that there won’t be any extra charge as the new property has already got BT connection.
  2. I received a letter from the BT on 31/03/2010 for the confirmation of the above and stating that my telephone service will start on 19th April 2010. In the letter it has been confirmed that there is no extra charges for the new connection to my new house 30 Widmore Road, UB8 3AY.
  3. On 19th April when I phoned to the customer service of BT, I have been informed to wait until midnight of 19th April 2010 and the telephone service will charged automatically.
  4. On 20th April 2010, as the telephone service was not connected, I phoned to the BT and the customer service adviser gone through the long process of checking and informed me the following:

There is a fault on my order no 130150xxxx and need to raise a new order for the work. The service advisor repeatedly asked me to cancel the old order. Over the phone I declined and informed the customer service advisor that it is not my intention to cancel the order. The BT wanted to cancel the order as basically it is a mistake from the BT and the adviser / officer wanted to hide their mistake/ information by canceling the mistaken order with new order.

I need to pay for the new connection and usually charge of the new connection is £ 124.00. However the advisor advised me if I signed 18 months contract then the above charges reduced to £29

The advisor informed me that for the new connection, an engineer visit is required from the BT and earliest engineer’s visit is available for the connection is 5th May 2010.

I would like to draw your attention that, for all the above incidents, I am not responsible. In fact, I had given advance notice for the house move to the BT.

At this moment I hadn’t any choice and earliest connection from the BT would be on 5th May 2010, which means I would have to suffer a clear loss of 17 business days. Also my family and young daughter will suffer for their education without internet connection for the 17 days and would have to pay premier charges for the essential internet connection.

I therefore would like to raise this complain at appropriate highest level to show BT negligence for the customer care and customer business.

I also would like to raise my concern for the attitude from the customer service department to give misleading information to their loyal customer to cancel the order, just to wash the BT mistake/ negligence for the customer service.

It is not my intention to pay charges for the new connection and I wanted to claim compensation for loss for my business for the 17 days and premier charges required to be paid for the essential internet services/ telephone calls.

In order to prevent further earning losses and suffering from stress and hassles without the land line telephone, I would like to find an another available service provider who can offer me quickest and batter service within a shortest interval and I wanted that the BT should compensate the charges and my loss of earnings and loss for the education.

A line of confirmation from you will be highly appreciated.


Nish Parmar

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  • I have just moved house as well.
    I ordered the new line for 20th April 2010. It did not happen, my partner rang spoke to 6 diff people, they said it had failed and give us a new order 28th April.
    I rang nxt day also spoke to 6 diff people,got a supervisor and I said as it was they're fault they should do it earlier.They said wld ring me back,didnt,got txt now 11510 !!!! And I have rung again,been cut off,and then told no supervisor to speak to, and they wld ring back, they did not!!!

  • Blame the last tennant as they were the ones who took the line to some two-bit bb provider that uses LLU, doing this means the line is SOLD, I repeat SOLD to the other company and the LLU technology is put infront of the 'pairs' that connect your line to the exchange,
    this means they own the Local Loop from the exchange to your house. So BT wholesale dont own that line anymore its not theirs they cant touch it and you would have to pay for an engineer to fit a new line.

  • Had sort of the same thing, I moved in to my house on4th September, I called BT on 12 July and ordered, got a call the next day they said the line is still active and they would speak to the previous tenant to confirm what I was saying, I thought this will be fine, I will move in and that day will have all my stuff to set up line and broadband. It can to 6th September and no equipment and old phone line. I rand BT on the 6th October and was told that they had not spoken to the old tenant, very rude people, had the phone put down on me 8 times before someone finally explained what was happening, this took nearly 4 hours including hold time, well mnainly hold time. I was told that my account would then be set up on 23rd September and they would be happy to give me one months free fees as soon as I was set up I should call back to request this, I did and I was on the phone again for 45 minutes as no notes had been made on account. They said eventually after alot of bidding from them trying to get the amount they would pay back! I insisted and they told me that it would then be done, I rang today as it still showed up on my internet My BT that the amount was still owing, there is suprise suprise NO RECORD of a call or the refund request. I was on the phone for 3 hours to many people, had the phone put down on me again. I am at a loss to know what these stupid, idiotic people are doing! They are ruining lives. I think we should be allowed to see these people and tell them they are being told to ruin our lives! I earn my money and I am not throwing it away to these people, I am disgusted!

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