Moved to BT Infinity nightmare

I’m emailing you details of a complaint I’ve had with BT, hopefully you’ll include it in your site, as it’s been a complete nightmare. I’ve just moved into a new place, and signed up with BT for my broadband and phone. I thought I could migrate to BT infinity when that goes live in my area. I really wish I hadn’t bothered because absolutely nothing has gone right.

Firstly I had to wait about a month before they could even install the phone line. I was also told I would have to be in during the day for them to install this, so I booked a day off work. Come the day, and I didn’t hear anything at all from anyone in BT, I just happened to plug in a phone and it worked. So that was a day’s holiday wasted.

However, at least the broadband and phone still worked.

A couple of weeks later I went to use the phone and I couldn’t get a dial tone, although the broadband still worked.

I rang BT twice, but without any joy, and had to fire off a complaint email in the end. It took well over a week to get a reply to that one, but that they would send out an engineer to fix my phone line. That meant booking another day off work.

He did visit and fix my phone line though, but broke my broadband which was the only thing that was previously working. Did he care? No. He did come out with some classic comments like my router was broken, as if that could break the exact same time he performed some work on my phone line.

He told me to ring BT, which I did, but I was told I had to wait till midnight before they could anything about it, which I wasn’t very impressed with.

It still wasn’t working the next day, so I rang up again, but they assured me they would get it working. By the evening it still wasn’t so I rang up again and was told it would be tomorrow now. Come tomorrow and it still wasn’t working. I think it was a Saturday by now, so I rang to chase again. Someone told me they would check the progress and call me back. While I waiting someone from the previous day rang me and told me the engineers were working on the problem. After I put the phone down to them, the other person rang back and told me no work would be done because it’s a weekend. So, clearly, someone in BT was lying to me.

I’ve rang BT again yesterday and today, because it’s still not working. That doesn’t seem to accomplish anything though, as they just me it’s with the “specialised engineering team”. I don’t think much of them if it takes them nearly a week and they still haven’t managed to fix a problem that they caused in the first place.

After a week with no broadband, and rang BT and told them to cancel my contract, so I could go to another supplier, which at least they let me do, giving me about a week before the line was cancelled.

Clearly different departments in BT don’t talk to each other, as I got phone calls from BT technical support during this time. They were just telling me it wasn’t fixed yet though. Two weeks after BT themselves broke my broadband, it still wasn’t working.

Anyway, I’ve tried to sign up to O2 instead for broadband and home phone. They’ve told me a I need to pay £85 to get the phone line activated again. That’s not the worst of it though. I’ve been given a date of 3rd February next year before BT Openreach can active my broadband again.

So thanks to BT’s incompetence I’m going to be without broadband for about 3 months.


Rob Sherer

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  1. I recently moved to Cumbria, having managed to set up working freelance over the internet doing transcription. I phoned BT asking how much notice I would have to give, and was told 2 working days, no problem. I was encouraged to get BT vision, as they were doing a promotion and as long as I took BT vision and started it up within a certain amount of time after moving this would mean no charge for the moving fee. (I'd have no interest in BT vision otherwise as I watched all the TV I want through iPlayer on the PC.) Having found a place, I phoned up BT to give my notice on the Thursday, and was told my phone line could be on by the next Wednesday and broadband by the next Thursday – so much for 2 working days. I therefore had to spend most of the next week unable to work. I was also told that the internet speed would be a maximum of 1.5mb. Having moved, the broadband seemed ok for the first few days, but for several days now has been running at about 75KBPS!!! Files I need to download to do my work take hours, I can't watch iPlayer, and a large part of what's involved in doing my work, researching spellings etc, takes so long I have to get a cup of tea in between it's so frustrating. I'm ####ed. I can't do my work! I phoned up today to find out about the speed, opened the last bill to get the phone number, and found the bill was £285. They had included the connection fee that was supposed to be free, and £90 for the BT vision that was supposed to be free. The man at BT said they'd noticed the connection fee wasn't right and not actually taken it from my bank, and eventually agreed that the £90 would be credited back, but not immediately, as he suggested it had been at their discretion as the BT vision wouldn't, he said, have been free, and I will have to wait for future bills to get my money back. He then transferred me to someone for the technical side, the speed, who said he would test the line and that I shouldn't use it, took my mobile to call me back on. So I sat there for about three hours. No call back. Called again, explained again, was told to get a screwdriver and unscrew the thing on the wall. I tried to point out that this didn't make sense as nothing had changed at my end since it had initially been an ok speed but it had obviously dropped due to something else. But no, I had to hunt down a screwdriver and follow the ridiculous instructions before she would accept that I had done this and said she would call me back tomorrow as at this point it might be something the technicians would look at. I've been looking at other possibilities, looks like the Cockermouth area here are desperate for decent broadband, but BT have such a monopoly now. Even if I did find another option I bet BT will try to hold me to my contract. But the fact is this is unworkable for me, I don't earn much but spend all my time working as it is, I pay for an option 3 unlimited downloads with BT therefore pay several hundred to them a year. I'm not going to be able to work fast enough to earn a living if this can't be sorted out. Having told them again and again that I work over the internet and am stuck and losing work due to these problems they take no notice. I don't know what to do. After weeks of this ### I feel like I'd be happier killing myself than trying to deal with getting something done.

  2. email 1
    Dear Sirs

    Firstly I am extremely dissatisfied with this service I currently have with your company, it has been nothing but annoyance!

    Firstly lets forgo the fact that I had to wait over 2 weeks to get this "service" installed just so I could have internet and telephone. When I ordered this service I ordered the package with 10 Meg broadband, I got 1 Meg. I called and they said oh sorry we can not change it. They did after several calls about this, and I let this go. I thought okay teething problems, fine

    Secondly: Internet disruption. I pay for a service to work 24/7, not since 11am or 12pm and calling your company every time just to get it back, or just get put through a series of automated menus until it says goodbye.

    Thirdly Friends and Family international. I pay for a service for MONTHS!! and it didn't work !! I was promised to get it "refunded" by cheque, which has never appeared and to top it off I'm still being charged for it. I have names of the people who I talked about it with, Yaksmila and several others, (if you wish I'll provide), and a rather annoying woman who refused to give me her name, now I am sure its' for this very reason!.

    Fourthly the outrageous bill! Where to begin on this one: I had informed you I would be away, so paying full price for a line that would basically be unused was pointless. However I managed to talk to the person and I was told it would be reduced. They agreed to this! I am sure you record calls for this reason! And what do I find? Not only is the bill not reduced by any real amount, its dubbed in price!!! How can my regular payment of 75 pounds for 3 months jump to 123?? And if I wouldn't pay I'd be stung with a late payment, although informing you and being assured that everything would be fine until the 15th of February. However the bill stated pay now or you could face a disconnection fee. Its been less than 12 hours since I got the email to pay the damned thing.

    You know I thought that people didn't like BT without any real reason or had some kind of grudge, however I've only been with you since June and I have been overcharged, had direct debits hit me twice in a month even though I cancelled them, and I was disconnected when I was away because of some "security reason", even if my bills were paid!!! I seriously want explanation especially how 75 which supposed to be reduced because of the aforementioned conversation JUMPS to 123 pounds

    I am really quite furious and will be expecting a response.
    Also want to say that I don't want to be hit with the wonderful surprise of nothing working due to "suspicious activity", you mean that I wasn't there for a bit or it wasn't being used? I pay my bills and I expect a service for that, not to find nothing works and have to fight with some machine saying that I need to prove who I am, who I say I am by card details.

    And lastly the call centres you operate, if you will hire people from India make sure they can be understood!

  3. having had bt infinity installed I wish I hadnt bothered it not worth it there download spped is not what you get and it takes at least a half hour to turn on

  4. Having recently had Bt Infinity installed I now regret it there supposing speed is worse than ever and it takes over an half hour to turn on each time dont bother with this load of rubbish

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