Month of hell thanks to BT

Dear Sir, I’m 61 years old, partially disabled and have been through a month of hell with B.T customer service staff. My problem started on the 4/02/10 when I received a email from the company that provides my phone calls, broadband telling me BT had sent a request saying to cancel my account without my knowledge or permission.

I told my provider I do not want to cancel and ignore their request. I was then told this can only be done by BT as the month went by I was passed to every dept in B.T that was not just once it was going on all day.

I requested 6 times to talk to a manager that was denied. The lady in the residential dept told me a manager can tell you no more than me! I said never the less I wish to speak to a manager which I was never ever allowed to. The same dept hung up on me on a few occasions. In the early days a name of a company came up which I instantly knew was the people I pay my rent to. When I questioned why they were associated with my account, the reply was I do not know.

It is now the 21/02/10 6am in the morning and I still have not slept as the whole thing has left me feeling ill. It appears for the last month I have been just passed around till the 20/02/10 when I was actually told that the company I rent from has my phone number and line and I am cut of. On ringing the company well over a week ago, I told the man that made the request he was taking over my line without my permission or knowledge. To be honest, he did not seem surprised and just said he would ring B.T. but obviously he did not because its all completed. He could have rang and cancelled, I wonder now if due to the fact I only rented the line and this company would obviously be more lucrative to BT. If that is why after days on end of ringing, one day totalling 5 hours on the phone I was just made to feel people were trying to help or it was to block me until the business line was completed…just seems strange on the completion date they were happy to tell me the full story so now I am without a phone.

I frequently fall over and at times cannot get up on my own so I have to ring my son, but now if I go down thats where I will stay till my son gets home so I hope the company that wanted my line for mobiles for the men to fix the lifts are very happy and B.T. have more money coming in.

In the meantime my last call to B.T. advised I ring the business dept. I said what for? Its all done. Well do it anyway or try and get a new line which will take 14 days. The most worrying part is is it legal for B,T. to allow anyone to ring up, cancel your account and any other accounts on your behalf legal or not they can and they did!

So much for caring for vulnerable people! Sorry but BT care nothing about their customers just the money that comes in. The customer service staff are the rudest i’ve ever encountered and am afraid their knowledge appears to be limited.

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  • I would like to update on my Life of Hell complaint,my phone is not cut of,i can ring out and receive calls.B.T. today 23/02/10 have confirmed i rent the line from them,but i get my calls and broadband by another service provider.I asked who they were as i never changed my provider,they said they do not know,it now appears B.T. gave exactly the same phone number to the company i rent my flat from,it is not rocket science to work out eventually this company will receive a bill with any phone calls i have made to B.T. plus whoever is supplying my broadband will also bill them,i wish to say on here and in writing to B.T.I will not be held responsible for any phone calls or broadband use,as i know eventually someone will receive a bill with ever call i have made since the 4/02 10,i told B.T. I do not want another service provider and i still do not.I want to go back to the one they cancelled

  • If any one is not paying the rental to BT … Should not call BT to sort out any issues ..I f some one is taking over the Line Via BT .. BT informs that Service Provider.. It s the Lob of the service provider to Cal and inform the Customer and sort out the Issues.. Stop Blaming Bt for Every thing.. I know BT is poor at work but its the rugulation which has made this a big Issue…

  • Just because you are disabled does not qualify you for better service than the rest of us. Why do you disabled people ALWAYS have to make the point that you are disabled?

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