MAC Code Complaint

Dear BT Complaints

I have requested you to give me a Mac code a requirement to change services to Plusnet broadband and phone, and I did this on Sunday 4th of December, 2011.

I was asked all sorts of questions as you were trying to keep my business ect. which went on for rather a long time and finally was told you could not give me this code as your system was down ect. and I could be assured that you would email me with this within 5 days in accordance with Oftel rules which you have failed to do.

I rang you again this morning 11th of December and after the usual questions I was put on hold and the line went dead.

I don’t think really this is the way to deal with your customers and I am glad I am leaving bt as you are not the sort of company a nice customer such as myself (and a good payer) wishes to deal with, sooner or later the penny will drop when your customer numbers are falling and your profits are down
that this is not the way to conduct your business.

I will now forward my complaint to Oftel and wish you goodbye. Any charges which I incur due to not having this code will be forwarded on to you of course with administration charges for my time on both these occasions.

Yours Sincerely,

Adrian Armstead.

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