Loss of Ebay Business thanks to BT

Dear BT Complaints

I wish to make a formal complaint to BT. Firstly we placed an order for a second phone line and to be the same number as the existing phone number 01843 22xxxx. We have a second phone line 01843 22xxxx but are still waiting for something to be done about them being the same number. I believe an engineer is coming out on 22nd April.

We were told we needed to swap business broadband to the second number which was done about 2 weeks ago. This original order was placed at least 4 weeks ago. This is not good enough!

Anyway I run a blind manufacturing business and sell a lot on the internet through Ebay so broadband is critical to my business. On Wednesday last week BT decided to cut my broadband connection.

My husband and myself spent hour on the phone trying to get the internet back on only to be told it would take 24 hours. On thursday at 4.40 pm I phoned BT and spent until 6.15 pm on the phone when evetnually a david low got broadband back on only for it to be disconnected again on friday just before 11am. It took another 1 1/2 hours to get it back on again.

I have tried to make a complaint and somebody at BT said they had put in a complaint for me but as yet I have heard nothing. I really need this to be taken very seriously as it affected my business very badly last week with the loss of the internet connection. I would be grateful if somebody could call me on 01843 22xxxx to discuss this problem and look into this for me.

Melanie Smith

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