Long and amusing BT broadband complaint

This BT broadband complaint was emailed us today and has to be the longest complaint received to date.

Dear Sir

After reading some of the other complaints on your site I don’t feel so alone but will share my experience with you.

About 2 months ago I started to suffer from my router resetting itself every so often which was annoying me to say the least so I logged my first call to Broadband “support” I told them the router was faulty.

First thing they wanted to do was for me to change my micro filter which I did but to no avail so they wanted to do a line check to make sure everything was ok and they would call me back within 24 hours.

No call back so I called them. Strangely I had to explain the whole situation again and change the micro filter again and they said they would do a line check and call me back within 24 hours. They did! but there was nothing wrong with the line so they asked me to try changing the micro filter.

He asked if it worked and I told him that the net was on but would turn off very shortly and he told me that as it was working the problem was fixed and if it happened again I should call back. So i called back after 15 mins when it went wrong again. After explaining the situation again i was asked to change my micro filter.

I said “no we tried that” so I was told that they would need to do a line test to make sure everything was okay. I said “no, we did that as well” so I was asked to hold why she spoke to someone else. Line went dead!!!! Called back but after explaining myself again I was told they needed to do a line test!!!

I made 8 of these calls before I told them that I KNOW the router is faulty and this model (210) is well known for this problem and surprisingly he told me he knew all about the problems but there is nothing he could do as I would have to order a new one. He gave me a number but it was wrong so I had to go through to another department who knew nothing of my problems but would let me have a new router but it would cost me.

I wrote and complained. Guy called to say I could have a free replacement and told me to call sales. I did but sales said they knew nothing and would speak to manager. No free router but as I was “out of contract” if I start as a new customer I can have faster internet a home hub and a reduction of £2.97 a month. Ok I said. Waited a week and nothing.

Called back and yet again there was no record of this. So we set it up all again. Start day would be last Wednesday. Waited in all day for hub but nothing happened so I called back. Was told the hub was not ordered and the nice lady apologized profusely for someone forgetting to order it and said it will be here Friday. Waited in most of the day but nothing so called back and this is a summary of our conversation.

Me: Hi my Hub didn’t come
BT: Yes it did, our records show it was delivered at 11.30
Me: so where did the postie put it
BT: is it in an outhouse?
Me: no
BT: Hold on please

15 mins on hold

BT: hello sir, is there anywhere else it could have been delivered?
Me: surely only to the account holders address??
BT: No. have you lived anywhere else in the last year
Me: No, but if it has been delivered somewhere else please tell me and I will go pick it up.
BT: sorry sir we cannot tell you that but we will have one sent out again for Monday. Sorry.

Okay today is Monday but I still have no Hub but I did get an email saying it will be delivered tomorrow!!! You couldn’t write this stuff.

And to make things worse I had a 4mg connection 2 weeks ago and I could watch anything online providing my router was ok but this week with my new 8mg connection I am downloading at 400k?? It took my 90mins to upload a 12mg clip to YouTube. Its just got silly.

Am I just having the world longest nightmare or is this real?? I just cant explain why it should be so hard just to say “yes sir these router are faulty after 2 years so we will send you a new one. Job done.

I could have brought a replacement for £5 on Ebay but there is no way I am letting them away with this humiliation.

Thanks for listening

Laura xx

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    seems to work well, I had an engineer round 2 days later, fixed my line fault, but as I am still only guarenteed to get 690kbps rather than 8mb what was the point.

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