Line fault

Submitted by Jackie in November 2016

The complaint would have been so easily avoided had B T just got in touch with me. The fault was made on Thursday evening and the message l received was that an engineer would be in touch and have my fault repaired by Saturday evening 5.30.

No email or mobile phone call was made so l called Sunday lunch time and was objected to over an hour of ” your call will be answered as soon as a possible” so after a hour l called sales to see if they were having the same bother, but low and behold sales answered in less than 30 seconds amazing l was speaking to someone, but unfortunately the young sales man could not help me in any shape or form, except, except, for a number to call the next day as he advised Sundays were bad days to call, what a moron l felt can you imagine phoning on a Sunday, the only day most people are free to be on hold for hours.

So you can image how excited l was to go through the same procedure today, after 40 minutes l gave up yet again still not speaking to anyone, so as l was at work l thought lets see if the royal mail phone would get me anywhere and you can guess what happened within 30 seconds again l was connected to a guy who could not deal with my call as he was a business line agent, how l wished we had been on a business line.

My complaint is on so many levels l can’t begin to say, we are in a rural area which l m sure is not in our favour and the fact we have been off thrice in the last couple of months is unacceptable, these details of your shoddy customer services will be passed on through every media way possible, to say l m cross is an understatement, but l don’t expect anyone is interested at BT.

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