Lies, Blatent Lies and plain deceit!

This BT complaint sent in today doesn’t make good reading for BT customer services.

Dear Sir

I feel compelled to take my experience to every corner of the land. Your customer service rep (name removed for data protection act) should not only be dismissed, he should be prosecuted! If he worked for me he would be out of the door like a shot!

My experience started in early July, yes JULY! My order was stuck in your system, then i was told an engineer would call, guess what, yep no call.

After 20 calls at my expense, I spoke to the only truthful person in BT as far as my experience goes, (name removed) from credit referal. She told me I had been misled and that she would have to re-order for me. She did that this Monday and told me the initial date for connection was the 04/09/2012. She advised me to call Tuesday and get the order escallated. I duly called again and was put through to the same customer service rep mentioned above! He told me, after placing me on hold, that he had indeed escalated the installation for me to today, the 23rd! what a star i thought. He even told me to call today as they would escalate the Broadband order as the phone service would be live, great.

But, he was lying. Openreach rejected the request So why tell me it was today? I have lost money and have wasted over a month believing BT’s lies.

All in all I feel every contact on Linkedin should share my experience in case they fall for the total crap I have. Treating customers this way is shocking. Having reported the matter I was told a Manager would call me in 10 minutes, yep, NO CALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I feel stupid for believing a single word. Having worked for HM Government I know how quick BT can work. If I were paranoid I would say you were doing it on purpose!

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  1. What an absolute shambles BT VISION IS I have moved from the inexperienced but great customer care post office to this mess BT.
    We moved because of the so called free football 15 calls later god knows how many people who transfered us to different departments and fobbed us off its an absolute joke, but they took our 77.00 and we have not had a thing..and yes I am still in a queue waiting for a customer advisor..stick to what you know because sky has must be laughing all the way to the bank

  2. Look at the BT mobile website for their latest LIES.
    If you're a BT customer you can get £5 off a SIM.
    But as a non-BT customer you can get a SIM for £11 per month.
    (2Gig 12 month contract)
    Less the BT "customer loyalty" discount that comes to £10

    Now where's my maths 'O-Level' when I need it?

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