Length of BT Contract & Installation Date Complaint

A BT customer is unhappy with the length of BT contract and installation date.

To whom ever it may concern.

As a new client to BT we have thus far had a very stressful experience. This has been caused by a lack of communication and clarity on BT’s part.

Further to this early misguided and contradicting information received it is regrettable that we are now anticipating further concerns.

We are a professional company and would expect nothing less than the best possible service from BT.

However, further to numerous recorded phone calls we are yet to receive written correspondence from BT detailing our verbal agreement of the contract with your sales representative on 13th April 2010. The length of contract agreed for the whole package was 12months. Our package includes unlimited broadband and 2 phones lines. Furthermore it was agreed if installation of two lines was required this would be in the sum of £170 as a one off charge. The monthly bill is £59.06.

As discussed with the initial sales person we received an automated email from BT Business Total Broadband team on 13 April 2010. We were concerned by the contents of the email as it stated a 24month minimum term. For a clarity we called BT at which point we were reassured it was a 12month term contract and again asked for this in writing which was never received.

A possible explanation for this poor communication could be that one of your sales representatives admitted there were two live accounts in our name as he attempted to offer us the package we had already agreed on and ordered previously. Either way we were reassured of the 12month term which had been agreed.

Having missed the call from BT regarding the delivery and installation dates an email offered this information. We contacted BT to have this clarified and again the information was contradicted until passed through to another adviser who assured the email we had recently received held the correct information regarding the delivery/installation dates. The misguided and contradicting information had now encouraged us to ask yet again for confirmation of the contract length in writing. This particular representative, though helpful, advised us the information he had access to stated a 24 month contract and would have the initial calls analysed.

This unacceptable as it was made extremely clear from the start we agreed on a 12month contract for the full package and will accept nothing else than what was agreed. Our records and witnesses can clarfy this.

We wish to also inform you that our broadband installation was confimred via email for today the 21st April 2010. This unfortunately has not been installed as stated in your correspondence. We would appreciate a curtesy call to explain this issue.

It is uncertain if BT have our best interest in mind and as a new customer we have to question your intentions even at this early stage. We hope, if out of misleading information on your part we are forced to regrettably cancel the service BT will not attempt to charge us in anyway for their misconceptions and conflicting information. If we incur any further loss to our business as a result we will seek legal advise.

If our intial agreement is honoured we will be happy to continue with your service and hopefully build a business relationship in the near future.

We look forward to hearing your response.

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