Left without a phone

Submitted by Sally in October 2016

My mother’s (aged 89 years) phone was cut off in September.  The bill had been paid by Direct Debit. We rang BT and were eventually told that my mother had changed user.  This was not true.  BT eventually told us that another customer in the same village with a similar address had cancelled their BT contract.

My mother was then given another number.  After a week this somehow was transferred to the other customer.  My mother was left without a phone.  After several call s to BT, my mother was given another number which in due course was cut off and given to the other customer.  This happened four times until my mother was eventually given a 4th number.

BT informed us that because of all the inconvenience, my mother’s next bill,would be waived.  The direct debit was cancelled.  My mothers phone has now been cut off although we can still ring her, she cannot ring out.  My sister has spent all morning on the phone to BT and has now given up and payed the bill.

Can you give me any guidance please?

Many thanks

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