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I have received hundreds of BT complaints over the past few months that have been sent to me. All reports I will detail in a report and send to Watchdog for investigation. This site also acts as a resource for all complainers by reading other complaints and tips and advice on what to do.

How to Complain?

I recommend you try the following:

Contact British Telecom using email rather than over the phone, as this means you have a record of correspondence and also that you don’t have to wait on hold. Explain yourself clearly and concisely and be specific about the action you would like British Telecom to take. Always be polite.

If your complaint has not been dealt with (and it is reasonable) then begin following BT’s complaint escalation guide

Fill in the online customer service petition on the UK 10 Downing Street Government website:
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——–Latest BT Complaint——–
Here is the latest BT complaint that has been sent to me.

The BT customer service I have received is just disgusting! I moved houses in June 23rd. I called BT and they gave me my new phone number and said that its already up and running. All I have to do is to plug my telephone on the BT box.

When I got to my new house there was no dial tone. I reported ‘the fault’ and they said that the line is working. But obviously its not. It took me three months and several phone calls to finally get the BT customer services to acknowledge that there is a fault and sent and engineer and my line was restored on the 6th of September 2008.

After the line was restored I obviously requested a three months refund off my line rental. Since the line wasn’t working at it was BT’s fault. I got a reference number from one of your advisors in India and he said that it would be deducted off my last bill. I thought everything was fine. Little that I know what would happen next!

A month later I got a bill of £90.37 although the total of my call usage was only £1.96. The three months call charges which I have reference for was not deducted. I called BT and after more than 10 very painful phone calls each being transferred to at least 4 ‘advisors’ and lasting more than 30 minutes. In a nutshell, nobody had a record of that reference number and it means nothing! I said I refuse to pay the full amount of £90.37 (obviously, like what any other person with a sane mind would do), before they take off the three month call charges (amounting to £53.10).I finally got through to a gentleman on the faults department which gave me a new reference number 14065253177 for the compensation I deserve and he said it would come off my next bill.

On Friday I wanted to make a phone call, and found out that my line was disconnected. I had absolutely no idea why. So I called again to complain. I have been on the line for 69 minutes (thats over one hour!!!!!) and being put through to around 15 people. I am at work and lost an hour of work time for this. Apparently, it was a mistake of billing. And that I had a balance of £17.70 which I haven’t paid, from my last July bill. And because this was not unpaid, my line was disconnected. There was no communication whatsoever that there was this balance!!!!!! The last bill I received ref: Q006 G2 was a blue bill with no late payments. I cannot understand how BT who ows me money for the three months line rental, disconnected my line for something I was not informed about. It is just appalling!

The billing department said that the only thing they can do is for me to pay the full amount of £90.37 for my line to be reconnected and that there will be the 3 months compensation in my last bill. So half heartedly I paid the bill. I was then put to the sales department, which advised me that I will not be charged for the reconnecting of the service obviously since it was a disconnection in error, but I have to start a new contract for 12 months.


I just want to continue my contract till January and then just stop service. I am not happy and this is not how you should treat your customers. They then put me through to BT customer service, which they decided after I gave my account number that I am again in the wrong department and that they are putting me through to the right one, and the phone line went dead.


I just feel that I keep being wrongfully advised. I am exhausted of talking about this, and being in tears in frustration when talking to your advisors. Especially throwing crazy amounts of money down the drain.

Now what I want is for my line to be reconnected, for the remaining period I have the contract which will expire in January. And get my three months compensation.

If this doesn’t happen I may have to report if to the watchdogs. I am just absolutely frustrated by the service.


I will be putting this BT complaint and all other complaints I receive into a report for investigation.

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  • Hi,

    I renewed my contract with BT in April this year on the agreement that my monthly payments would be £25 a month, I have basic Broadband and line rental. I was charged £25 in May but then in June was shockingly charged a massive (to me anyway!) £53! I called Customer services (where no-one seems to have a handle on basic English) and was told that my previous contract was in arrears therefore I had to pay the £53 then 2 further payments of £33 for July and August, after that my payments would be £25 a month. Without much surprise I found this month (September) that I had, again, been charged £33! Again I called Customer services where I was given a pathetic apology (and no mention of a refund of the incorrect amount) and assured that from October onwards my payments will be £25. I am absolutely livid and dreading next month because I cannot be certain anymore that what I am told on the phone is actually the truth. I had problems the previous year with my contract but thought I would give them a second chance, what a mistake! As soon as my contract ends in April I will be going elsewhere for my phone and internet, preferably somewhere that has English speaking customer service agents and not robots in India!

  • So, the phone line that runs to my flat is suspended through the branches of a tree. Every autumn, the wind animating the branches rip the phoneline from my wall. Every year BT come back to repair it, but refuse to re-route the line to avoid the tree. This year they can't come until the 24th. So that means no phone or broadband for 5 days. Thanks BT. You really are pants!

  • Switched to Sky who informed my I need do nothing as they would contact BT to cancel any call plan I had with them. Six months later I notice BT are still charging me for an anytime plan I wasn't using. On calling their call center in India I was told they did receive notification and I would be refunded, they would pass my call on for the refund. I then spoke to a guy who basically told me it was tough and it was my fault, no matter how hard I tried he stuck to his arrogant angle. I asked to be passed to a supervisor who took the same approach… my fault. Ok I left it six months before noticing, but they should have called me to confirm cancellation or canceled and sent me a letter !. I will never now in my life use BT again as far as I can avoid it. AWFUL customer service !.

  • i am a vunerabe person who needs a phone line my phone has been out off order for the past three days . i have been using a friends phone to let them know about it . all im getting is being put on hold . so i try again and again all i want to do now is scream no service HOW MUCH DO I PAY A MONTH…. SERVICE CUSTOM DISGRACEFULL

  • how can you have a bt engineer how is afraid of heights and cannot
    go up a ladder I had to get my own ladder and put the cable on to my
    house myself then he wired it up incorrectly and left me without a
    phone and left then a second engineer came and put it right the it
    all broke down again and then they messed up my bill


  • I contacted BT in the middle of August to get a special deal for unlimited broadband. I was given a deal I was happy with and also asked to cancel call waiting. A few days later this had not been done, so I rang again and the lady said there was an open order that BT left on my account, which she would make sure would get closed then she could put the order through. She also talked us in to having BT sport free, but that was not done either. We went away for two weeks stressed out and when we got back, still nothing had been done. In fact, we were sent a completely wrong bill with a 40GB max on broadband and the call waiting was still there to be paid in advance for another 3 months, although I had cancelled it. By now I had spent a total of 7 hours on the phone to BT including queues and being passed from one to another. I was back on the phone first day back for ages and again promised it would be done, but nothing, then again 2 days later nearly another hour on the phone, promised it would be done, even asked for email confirming; the BT sport was done and an email about that, but still no unlimited broadband and no email about it. Another 2 days later I spoke to a lady who said she could help and I said "I know you wont" and she said I wont end this call till its done. Again she reassured me it was done and I again repeated the order back to her a dozen times. I asked for an email confirming, but again got an email confirming BT sport only. By Monday last week (09th Sept), I was extremely stressed and somehow managed to get a lady in complaints. She said "Sorry", "there is something wrong with your BT account and it wont let orders go through, I cant understand why no-one else has picked up on it. She said "I will put your bill on hold, don't worry if you go over 40GB with the broadband and I will cancel call waiting and make sure you are refunded for that. Don't ring again as it will get confusing. I am not in tomorrow, but I will ring you on Wednesday. That was Wednesday 11th Sept and I have not heard anything!! I would rather have an accurate bill for what I ordered and pay it. I don't feel comfortable with it on hold. I have given up ringing, as it is a waste of time and my health is suffering. I have spent between 8 and 9 hours on the phone already. I cant understand how BT can run a business in this way. All I wanted was to put in an order, pay for it and enjoy it, so why all this???????????????????????????????????

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