Landline not installed properly does not receive calls

Submitted by Lorraine in October 2016

Transcript notes from live chat BT

ME- An update from the engineer visit. He attended and checked the landline. Said its making outgoing calls but not receiving calls.
He told me i need to contact by and have the line transferred over.
I phoned bt- got put through to;
1- concern team
2- fibre orders team
3- fibre faults team before order completion
4- fibre faults team after order completion

BT- sorry ( not full sentence but in a nutshell)

ME- Then I was told the engineer has given me the wrong information and that I need to have an another engineer visit.
I have been sitting on the phone for 40 minutes so far trying to get another engineer booked but because he has been today there system will not let them book another engineer.

So, I am not any further ahead than when I sent you the message

BT- sorry

The faults department decided it wasn’t an engineer problem it was a porting problem so passed me back to the fibre orders team who After 2 and a half hours of being in the phone have decided to send another engineer .
I will keep you updated on tomorrow’s exciting new instalment.
I have been paying for this service from 21.9.16 how do I go about getting a refund for something that has not been installed ?

BT- sorry

Hi. The engineer that was booked to come out on Tuesday didn’t turn up. I took the day off work.

The rebook it for today. I have just recieved a phone call from the engineer refusing to come to the property because it is a posting problem and he can’t do anything about it. It’s a bt issue.

I want to cancel my order. I am paying for a service you are not providing and I spend over 2 hours 3 days in a row trying to get someone to help me.

I would like someone to come and take the equipment out of my house.

BT- I understand why you would want to cancel.

She gave me the contact number to cancel. I was told I would be charged.

So, yes you guessed it 58 minutes into a call with BT for the 3rd day in a row.

A day off work and oh yeh 2 small babies rolling around the floor while I talk to BT all day.

Frustrated does not even cut it. Still not fixed !

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