Submitted by John in November 2016

I’ve just spent 45 minutes trying to sort out my landline.If this was the only time then l would just thinks it’s a poor service. However,I’ve lost track of how many times the same problem has occurred.

An engineer will come out,it’s sorted for a few weeks then it’s back to the same problem.

And the whole process starts again.I spent 45mins on Saturday,the operator said that l could have a fibre optic line,but no date.By Thursday,there was no record of this,it’s so frustrating dealing with but, every time it seems they just want to push the blame onto you,they always say if it’s your fault then you will be charged £120.00 plus.

Why does it take so long to get through?

All l want is a landline that works every time,l pay a lot for my bt package, and this struggle to have problems sorted is so frustrating.

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  • Disgraceful..I have just spent 45 minutes trying to speak to someone-calling all the numbers recommended…What a shameful operation..Thank god we are no longer doing business with them-business is the wrong word,they are anything but business like!!!!!

  • Disgraceful service by BT on my in laws moving home after the service had been cut off on the 14th March 2017 when the date should have been the 24th March. Both in laws are 80 years old, one suffers from diabetes and the other has not long ago come out of hospital. No communication with the outside world and even worse that if anything happened they could not call for a doctor or the emergency services. No internet for email or family looking at cameras on there property for safety. Made many calls to try and resolve the issue but at times felt as though I was being lied to over the phone and when an appointment was made to turn up and install a new line before they moved so we could call divert calls – NO SHOW (after waiting in all morning). Social media is a good way to get the word round about the disgraceful service offered and leaving vulnerable people without any means of contact. Would if I had the choice move the line away but as they needed to keep there old number cannot at the moment. Spoke to ofcom to see if they can do anything, can only wait now. BT you need to get your act together.

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