Lack of broadband during working hours

Submitted by Kenneth in October 2016

Lack of broadband during working hours and very slow in the evenings and weekends.  Fibre is in the cabinet but not available!  We pay the same as others for this service but yet we not receive the same.  Surely in 2016 technology has moved on to boost a signal from a cabinet to a house 150m away!  I have registered interest many times during the past 3 years for fibre when I first heard it was installed in the cabinet.

Another problem: because we have a contract we are not offered the most up to date hub or other offers, surely local customers are important!  It took me about an hour this morning just to receive signal long enough to hopefully sent this information.

All I wish for is, if fibre is still not available, that I can at least get online at a reasonable speed.  I have a smart TV but i cannot stream I Player; for example!

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