Keep Telephone Number When Moving House – Easy Enough? Nope!

I write to complain about what I see as appalling service from B.T. Customer Services. I am not confident that what I have been told is going to happen such is the information I have received from B.T. to date.

There are costs involved that I would claim should not be paid by me and other consequential costs that I believe should be covered by you as some degree of compensation such has been the upsetting and frustrating nature of dealings with you.

Let me set the picture for you:

• After 37 years living at this house and having the same (except for updating changes) no. for this time, my wife and I have decided to move home. My provider TalkTalk was contacted but informed me that they could not provide the same telephone number at my new home despite our new home being only ½ mile away.

• My choice therefore was to move with TalkTalk, change the phone number but at least I would keep one item of contact with us i.e. our e-mail address.

• Having discussed this my wife and we decided to go with the other alternative, namely, switching provider to B.T. in order to protect the telephone number and change our e-mail address.

• I therefore proceeded to cancel my TalkTalk contract and was told by them that this could be done but I would have to pay a cancellation fee as I had an 18 month contract with them. I must stress at this time that we have been very happy with the talktalk service for many years and would have preferred to have them provide the phone and internet service at our new hom.

• I placed an order with B.T. therefore with the express condition that the phone number would move with us.

• I then chose to have a new e-mail address but have since preferred to use another one.

• Eventually I received a phone call from your Home Moving department to inform me that in order to provide the service, I required BT would need to provide the service to our present home and then request that the BT service be moved WITH THE SAME NUMBE. to our new home at Glaslyn.

I remember this phone call very well as the lady had to call me back when I enquired what the cost would be. She informed me that there would not be any charge for the interim service and that the date for this service was December 6th 2011. I agreed to proceed and we have enjoyed the B.T. Internet and phone services since then as we have not yet moved but own our new home at Glaslyn.

• It has been so important to my wife and I that the service we needed was implemented that I checked on several occasions that all was as we had ordered. I was assured that all was well.

• On 19th December 2011 I received correspondence AT GLASLYN from B.T. stating: ‘We’ve ordered the transfer of your number(s) back to B.T., as you requested

• When I referred to this letter recently to one of your staff said that it didn’t mean that I would be keeping the same telephone number! When I asked what on earth it did mean, if not what it stated, I did not receive an explanation. Perhaps you can interpret for me? I also received a letter of the same date confirming the order and confirming our Direct Debit details.

• On 6th January I received an e-mail from BT to my old email address stating ‘GOOD NEWS your home phone no is 0292xxxxxxx

• I received a phone message on my mobile 07917xxxxxx stating that B.T. was ready to move my service with the same no. to ‘Glaslyn’. I was given a no. to call 0116xxxxxx and discovered this was Balfour Beatty who confirmed they were handling the order for B.T.

Previously I had received a ‘phone call from a B.T. Home Moving who transferred me to Portability Dept who stated that the number was on a different exchange and could not be moved with us. He did however state that he felt that if he spoke to the engineers directly he was pretty sure that this could be done. He said he would take a personal interest in this and call me back that day (he finished at 4pm) or certainly the next day. This was 9th Jan but nothing has been heard from him. You will understand therefore that I had to start my own investigations to see what was happening.

• My initial enquiries led me to believe that B.T. had cancelled the order and I would have to start all over again to place a new order!

• My explanation above has been long but I had to repeat the facts to: your Infinity dept, your Investigation dept, Home Movers dept, Portability dept and New Acct people.

• The latter was engaged because I was getting absolutely nowhere in knowing what was happening. I was allocated a new phone no at Glaslyn 029 xxxxxxx with a reference of 6017xxxxxx. I was also informed that once the service was set up I could apply to change the no. to 029 xxxxxxx !!!!! How can this be so if, as I was told, the different exchanges made this impossible.

• Yesterday I received an e-mail stating that the BT service at Glaslyn (which is not yet activated) would STOP. I telephoned again to be told that it didn’t mean that – it really meant that the new service would be provided on 9th February – I have no confidence left.

• I think that at that time my patience and exasperation reached their maximum. Presumably you can access these e-mails and fully understand how I now feel?

I would also like to inform you that my wife Jill Edwards MBE is a National and International President of an important sporting body who is halfway through her 2-year term. It is important therefore to advise a very large list of contacts what her contact no’s and e-mail addresses will be. I cannot yet do that can I?

I apologise for the length of this letter but I do not think you would appreciate the position without a full explanation.

Please let us know what is to happen and when before you address the position of covering our costs and providing compensation.

I will also try to send this by e-mail as well as by post I note you attempt to reply within 2 days if this is done.

I have asked that at a cost of £30.60 that calls are forwarded to our new address but this may not be necessary – depending what you have to state.

Yours faithfully

Alan M. Edwards

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  • I have just had the same problem and keeping my old phone number was the only reason i moved from Virgin to BT.

    This was along with no call backs, engineer telling me he would be back on the Saturday and Monday so I had 4 days off my self employed work and had to wait further 14 days for line to finally be setup.

    I have been lied to on atleast 15 occasions and they have now basically said there are no notes regarding engineer telling me to stay home, no notes about guarenteed phone number being kept. Its as if they are saying I am lying. I have repeated word by word what was said. "Yes" is always the answer until it doesn't happen, then "No" once you complain.

    I have been offered £25 for late service and missed appointment (not the other 2 missed appointments as they have no notes!) Along with, they are happy to charge me over £30 a quarter for 18 months plus £130 to re-connect old phone line so that re-direction can be setup!

    What more can I do?

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