It’s not unlimited broadband BT!

Yet another BT unlimited broadband complaint from a angry customer who found out their boradband is in fact not unlimited but limited to 80-100GB per month.

For the attention of CEO BT

I have option 3 with UNLIMITED broadband that is what I had ordered over the phone.

How can it be unlimited broadband if there is a limit of 80 to 100 GB downloads (and you only find out about this when you reach it, I have no written contract).

Nowhere in your website does it state there is a limit of 80 to 100 GB downloads all it refers to is “Subject to Network Management” but no download amount is mentioned.

I have copies of your Terms and Conditions, BT Total Broadband service terms and BT Fair usage Policy which does not mention unlimited broadband as being set at 80 to 100 GB.

Due the all of the above points I find that your terms and conditions are not fairly set out and displayed on your web site and were not explained to me when I ordered over the telephone.

I have contacted Sky broadband and they have sent me a copy of their usage terms that unlimited means just that and no capping.

So needless to say I am cancelling on the grounds of misrepresentation and inadequate information and will be joining Sky broadband in a few days, I do not expect to receive any cancellation charges and if I do I will dispute them in court.

I am also informing Ofcom and Trading Standards.


Paul Lucas

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  • Sky Broadband will cap you if you go over 100Gb also. So will most ISPs, they have to otherwise their networks would be hammered – 100Gb os 3Gb or so per day, that is a lot of data. Schedule your big downloads to run overnight.

  • You will find that almost all ISPs have some form of fair usage policy or traffic management policy attached to an unlimited service. Some are more well advertised than others.

    When you clicked 'I agree to the terms and conditions' (or however it's worded) when ordering the service, you agreed to the fair usage policy and as such should be held to any cancellation charges. You can try going to court, BT will win. You don't think a large multinational company would have checked the legality of policies such as this, and their site layout? Keep dreaming.

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