It’s been resolved Madame!

Submitted by AliS in October 2016

3 weeks of no wifi connection, hours of phone calls and being told patronisingly to turn it all off and turn it on again I stupidly believed BT when they arranged for an engineer to call today between 1 and 6. Silly me. No engineer. No call to say he wouldn’t come and when I rang to enquire his whereabouts I was told they no longer needed access to my proprty, wiring or hub and it was being fixed (where, I do not know as an engineer called last week and left a note saying he couldn’t find a problem and needed access to my house!) Apparently it will magically be resolved by 9am tomorrow. Sorry BT.

I simply do not believe you. I have learnt in 3 long weeks that you lie, you actively avoid communicating with your customers and make it as difficult as possible for us to contact you.

This has cost me a lot in phone calls, difficulty in getting my work done and now half a day taken off for nothing. It’s appalling. Let’s see what happens st 9 in the morning. I think we can all guess…

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