iPhone 7 plus order

Submitted by Amy in October 2016

I ordered the new I phone 7 plus on the 10th of September and was told I would have the phone on the 16 th of September. Didnt hear nothing from BT and was still waiting for the phone a week later so I rang up and they told me there was a delay and they could not tell me when my phone would arrive. I waited another 2 weeks and phoned again and told the same thing there is a delay. Went online last night 26th October and it said the phone I had ordered was available for next day delivery so I rang them again today 26th October to be told my order was only a pre order and they cancelled it 4 weeks ago!!

I am fuming I have waited all this time they offered me the phone in black or silver which I refused because I specifically want the rose gold and now they have told me I will have to order again and it will take at least another 2 weeks to arrive!! The customer service is abysmal.

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