Internet Connection Dropping Randomly

Dear, for several months, my internet connection has been dropping randomly. I reported the fault a few months ago to BT callcentre, and once the language/accent problems were eventually overcome, line tests were run, a fault on the line was diagnosed, and a BT engineer came out to my house to trace where on the line the fault actually was.

That was the last I heard, and my internet connection was fine for a couple of months. Now I’m having the same problem again over the past week. I reported the problem on Saturday, the person on the call centre ran a line test, confirmed either a fault on the line or on the server and said an engineer would be out within 48 hours.

No engineer has been. On Monday, I spoke to another person on the call centre who said it
was a fault on the ISDN phone line, said they would close the call (until I refused to allow them to close it) and then insisted on transfering my call the the ISDN dept. The person on the ISDN dept said the ISDN phone line was a different line to the broadband line but they would run a test on the line and call me back. They never called back.

It has now been a week, with a very random intermittant service, and it is still no better. I’m being continually disconnected, unable to reconnect, and still no engineer or any update from BT. I’m paying a lot of money for an unlimited service, and am very unhappy and dissatisfied with the level of service from the ISP and from BT’s inept call centre.

Trying to do any online studying, or online banking, is just impossible. The connection is just too unreliable and is a real problem.

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