Internet and Phone cut off

We’ve been BT customers for many years, and never really had any problems. However since May this year, we have been experiencing many problems and are very unhappy with BT.

On May 17th our internet and phone was cut off. We spent all afternoon on the phone to BT, from our mobile which cost us, and got nowhere. We were told that our phone and internet would be back on around 6pm. We then started to receive our neighbour’s phone calls, and not our own, and the internet was still not working. We were told that we had changed providers so our internet and phone had been cut off, we had not at all agreed to this. BT wouldn’t tell us who the other provider was, and said a date that our internet and phone would be back on. This date was a month from when our phone had been cut off, which we felt was very unacceptable.

My daughter was doing her GCSE’s during this period, my other daughter coursework and my eldest at university, so the internet was very important to us. Due to us not receiving our phone calls, social workers could not get hold of us, and during this time, the little boy we fostered was due to be moved, but we couldn’t receive phone calls about his move, so struggled to get in touch with important people.

We received two letters whilst all this was happening which we felt were not true BT letters, as logos were different, there was spelling mistakes, wrong letter format and information was presented differently on each letter.

Since our internet and phone lines have been put back on, we have been having problems with it. The internet keeps disconnecting and will not work, which is inconvenient, and not really acceptable when we are paying BT for our internet service. The phone line is crackling and not very acceptable as you struggle to hear on the receiver.

Last month we rang BT about this problem, and a lady told us she would sort out the problem and call us the next day, we have not yet received this phone call. We also rang last week, about the same problem, internet and phone lines not up to standard, and a man told us he would check the line and call us back immediately, and yet again we never got a call back, and still waiting for the call.

We feel BT is treating us unfairly and wish for our phone line to be made usable and not disturbed buy a crackling noise, and for our internet to be corrected, so that it doesn’t go off every 5 minutes. Caller display also isn’t working since our phone lines have been put on, which we would like to have made right.

We had been charged £30 on our phone bill for cancelling BT provider and changing to a different provider, however we had not changed over to another provider. After speaking to a BT advisor we were refunded the £30. All along we were told the fault was due to us changing providers, however when the phone line didn’t come back on the date we had been told, we rang BT and they then told us it was a fault on our line. This was contradicting what they had already told us, and told us they would send out an engineer to sort out the line, however this would cost us. We had a BT engineer come to our house, and he said there were many external problems on our phone line. We weren’t happy that we had been blamed for changing providers which was causing the fault, then being told it was external problems on the line, as this didn’t all make sense.

We are very unhappy with BT and would like our phone and internet to be made right and how it used to be!

Jackie Whittaker

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