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Dear BT Complaints

I’ve been having problems with intermitent broadband connections for over two weeks now. The broadband connection can go off for up to anything up to 6 hours at a time then seem to work well for a couple of hours before losing the broadband again. I phoned up BT Customer Services helpline yesterday morning and spoke to a gentleman who said I would be getting a from phone call from technical support between 5am and 7am that evening no phone call came.

This morning I phoned up again and was apologised to and then put through to another number where I was on hold for over an hour before giving up .I am sending this e-mail at a time that my broadband is actually working. Is it possible to actually speak to someone without being passed from pillar to post. I would appreciate a reply or phone call to resolve this problem.

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  • no it is not possible to speak to someone I know this from bitter experience, it does not matter if you are residential or business the service is equally bad.

    Worse when you get through to them they will send out an engineer who has been told to do the minimum possible testing (to keep them on schedule and to reduce BT's costs)and if they can get a signal the problem is your equipment/wiring/router/ISP not them oh and by the way here is a bill for over a hundred quid for calling us out

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