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Submitted by Karen in November 2016

Where do I start: have a direct debit in place for unlimited broadband and evening and weekend calla(never use landline everyone has a mobile) we only have it for the internet.

I don’t want BT sport free or definitely don’t watch it so don’t want to pay for it.bills keep jumping up between £10 and £32 a month when I get in touch with a uk call handler it gets sorted and money credited back along with an apology.

But how often do you get a uk handler ?????so far twice out of 60 calls I just hang up as soon as I here the accent as it makes my blood boil and frustrates me.they don’t understand and seem to think I am the daft one.have cancelled not BT services and went to sky (seems to be all uk handlers) problem being if I want to keep my email address it is £5 a month so still tied to by still getting ripped offfffffffff and so angry

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  • Hi

    I logged a complaint with your customer service in Oct/Nov time. The complaint was never resolved and i never had a call back as promised. The advisor i spoke with was Shruti Chakaborty.

    An engineer came out following another call and stated that there was a problem with the phone line. However the internet is still faulty and stops working.

    I have also been charged incorrectly for my bill.

  • This is a letter to BT sent today 20.02.17:
    • 07.01.17-Received BT Sim card only
    • 11.01.17-Waited for Engineer as advised on BT Letter-no one came.
    • 12.01.17-BT was telephoned to advise them that the Broadband and TV could not be used, the connections are not right for the TV. BT Staff told Bernice Gilbert that she would have to pay £75.00 for an engineer, so she told BT staff there and then to cancel the whole contract.
    • Bernice Gilbert is still waiting for them to send a returns bag.
    • 14.01.17-Bernice Gilbert receives her first bill at £107.44 only 9 days into the contract-and despite her cancelling well before the 14 day cooling off period!
    • You knew she could not access any of your services but you are still hounding her for something she has not got as you fully know you have your equipment back!
    • You sent her the mail bags at your own convenience, that is not her fault – your immoral staff chose to delay the returns bags!
    • She has two witnesses, myself and her friend who have heard conversations with BT on loud speaker. A few weeks ago before you sent the returns bag one, (which could not fit all three items in-you simply tried to make life difficult for my Sister). My sister Bernice Gilbert rang BT yet again as you did not do as she requested on 12.01.2017 to cancel all the contract, instead your Staff (female sounded like she was from the Philippines), told my sister in an arrogant and abrupt manner it would cost her £800.00 to cancel now? What planet is BT on, your ethics and lack of honesty is in dire need of a shake up! I will be putting this letter on social media, because I think it is in the interest of the public to be afraid of BT especially when it comes to vulnerable people!
    • My sister Bernice Gilbert (NOT-Denise), rang BT initially enquiring about a mobile phone contract to which she was led to believe that it was £21.00 per month. She did not realise that your staff were selling her a whole package to include sports TV, however she was given the crooked verbal of how good a deal she would have with Broadband, TV package and the mobile phone.

    • Bearing in mind she is a vulnerable person who cannot use a mobile phone properly (why give her broadband on a basic phone) let alone a computer nor does she have a clue about broadband or any technical connections/wires needed to run the thing! Bernice Gilbert is under the mental health team in Oldham, both her friend and I are her carers-we did not know she had contacted you lot until she was distressed about a phone call she had with someone at BT on 12th January 2017, when she told you lot that she could not work the broadband and it was still in the box, her connections on her TV is a simple scart & one USB port-she has a basic TV that she can watch DVD’s on! I went around and looked at your broadband devices and yes, your HDMI does not go into her TV so she could not have any broadband. She therefore did not get to use the broadband or the TV or the phone line!
    10.02.2017 received Her latest bill she has is £185.14 dated 05.02.2017. She rang you up again using your sim her own phone, she got passed to 4 different people,1st person could not understand what was going on! The 2nd Man said and confirmed all the package was cancelled (I actually heard him say that), she asked him ‘can I keep the sim only and pay for that every month, I don’t want anymore packages as I cannot get broadband?’ He said I will have to pass this onto my colleague because the deal for the sim was included with the broadband.’ Phone went dead then onto hold tune-3rd person, she asked ‘Do you want to cancel your whole package?’ –WHAT? Are your staff not reading from the same screen? This is when my Sister got angry and upset, so did I, because this was already sorted out with 2nd person. Besides this 3rd woman spoke extremely poor English, poor poor communication problem! 4th woman came on-she basically told my Sister ‘No you cannot have the mobile until you pay your bill.’ Yet again my Sister had to explain to your incompetent staff that this contract and package had been cancelled back 12.01.2017 and the man confirmed that I had cancelled it, he also confirmed that they had received the broadband & other equipment back! By this time my Sister was having palpitations (she also has a bad heart condition) I told her to calm down. This 4th Woman dismissed everything my Sister was saying to her. My sister then said ‘Cancel the sim-the whole lot I don’t want anything.’ Woman number 4, said ‘No we cannot cancel it because you are under a contract.’ This woman was still on the phone, would not let my Sister end the call…. The next thing we know you have blocked my Sister’s own mobile phone instead of just your sim and now she has no means of communication-she has only ever had a sim card off you.

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