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Submited by Mark, October 2016

I am so so furious !!! Firstly after months and months my bill has moved from £67.00 to £101.50 in August, I  notice this until end of September when I phoned after eventually getting through, I explained my issue to one person and then transfered to another by now I was getting really agitated.
Cut along story short apparently it was something to do with I was not on a contract !!!!!! I had never heard of this before. After calming down and going through my bill bits were removed bringing my monthly figure down to £43 ( I think definatley about £40).
Anyway checking my statement for the 3rd October £101 was taken from my account again, gave up waiting so tried online, apparently it was correct but he could reduce it to £52…no lower, trying to explain via online email is impossible about my previous conversation.

I am also annoyed with myself that I cant remember exact day and length of call, I will have to check my mobile phone bill as ironically had to use that as my landline isn’t working correctly, probably due to phone not line, for the record we had used the phone 6 times in over 5 months and not once in last 2.

Rant over if anyone has any thoughts or suggestions I am all ears
Thanks inadvance

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  • Hi just to add I have found the email confirming my conversation price £40.90 a month with ref number. Now need to try and call when I have a spare hour or so ( takes that long waiting on hold)

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