I want to join BT Infinity but nightmare

Dear BT Complaint

Can you help me with a BT issue. I am out of contract and want to upgrade to BT Infinity option 2.

After a month I am no further on and twice I have gone through the sales procedure.

Agreed engineer dates etc only to find later on it never went through the system. I had an horrendous 45 minute call to a non-British call centre that was an awful experience.

BT say they will get the sales person to ring me, but no response, emails are not replied too.

I have been with BT for decades and despite them saying I’m a valued customer, I feel like I am something on their shoe. It is a disgusting example of customer (non) service and I just do not know what to do as I have had no issues with BT service and from that point of view would like to stay with them, but they are making it so difficult. any help welcomed please.

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  • I have a contract with BT business Infinity recently I asked to upgrade to unlimited for just £5 extra per month. I was shocked that they said it would be on a 24 month contract. I then decided to withdraw but they said they would offer me an incentive of two quarters applied by free use for two quarters. I have not had a confirmation and no sign of the offer and I am still pursuing the matter since they say they cannot find any such offer. I have requested a file of the phone conversations made at the time since they record all calls. I wait with bated breath. I am shocked that BT apply such tactics to obtain business and present such a disgraceful customer non service.

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