Hub 3.0 – Billed £233 and never asked for it

This BT customer got a nasty shock when they received a bill for £233 for Hub 3.0 which they never even ordered!

Dear BT

What the hell is going on? I have just been shocked to find you have taken £233 from my account. Yes I accept I requested a ‘phoneline installation’ at £130. BUT! I never asked for a new Hub 3.0, even the engineer was surprised I received this, but went ahead and installed it. In fact when I arranged for the relocation of the line to my new address I specifically stated I DID NOT want to sign up for a further 18 months, just to receive the Hub 3.0.  Thankfully, I have kept records of all of the transactions I AGREED to.

I will replace this item with the Hub 2.0 which I accepted when signing up for broadband, and return the Hub 3.0 to yourselves. Ensure the monies ( £91.90 + VAT) are returned to my account immediately. If not, then I will have to report you for deceitful and fraudulent practices to ofcom, CAB and Trading Standards.

This is yet another reason I wish to find a more efficient and honest supplier.

And a further reason for me to declare that you have broken the contract, yet again.

Please confirm if you are a member of “OTELO” or “CICAS” as I feel I do need to take this matter further.

PS – Please note that the survey on your website IS NOT mandatory, although it does not matter which of the 3 options you click on, it attempts to start the survey in another window! Just further examples of your ineptitude.

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