Horrendous service and lying

Submitted by James in November 2016

After renewing my broadband on the 3rd October. A huge payment was taken out of my bank. I there fore phoned the customer help line to ask what could be done. They said the refund would be on the next bill. I wasn’t happy with this as it was a ridiculous amount of money, the person on the phone said they would give me a part refund in 10 working days. It’s now been 3 weeks and no refund. So I then phone up again tonight, and after getting through and being dis connected twice, I finally got through to a man, who I had much trouble to understand. He said nothing could be done, I ask why I was told about being part refunded in 10 days. He said that’s not possible. So basically I was lied too, obviously this made me mad and upset as I was reliant on that part refund. The man was so Un helpful it was quite laughable. I asked if I could speak to a superior or higher person than himself and he kept ignoring me. Just over talking at me. Then asking “is that all for today ” and before I could even answer he very very rude man had hung up on me.

I find your after sales care absolutely terrible. I’ve been lied to which had my hopes up of being able to have money and also hung up on and spoken to in a very disrespectful way and very rude.

I am truly unsatisfied with the lying to be honest and I was even told all calls are recorded so I fully expect you to listen over both calls. And if proves the case that I was lied to I shall be cancelling my contract with no financial expense. I will also be seeking outside and impartial help on this matter.

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