A highly shocking service

Submitted by Natasha in October 2016

From start to finish the service received from BT has been undeniably shocking.

First Issue: The equipment for my self service package was incorrect, when contacting BT was I on hold for 15 minutes to be transferred to an Indian call center. After being on hold for 15 minutes I am told they can not help me and that the number I needed to dial was incorrect, I asked the man politely to transfer me to the correct department as i had already been on hold for 15 minutes, the man advised me that he didn’t have the facility to transfer me – SO, I am speaking to what i believed to be the biggest communications company in the world but find out they can not transfer between departments.

My problem here is that i made the advisor aware when taking the package that i needed to the service live by a certain date as i work from home and was due to have a very important conference call that i needed to attend – I missed this call and therefore lost a lot of money.

Second Issue: I called back the following day, again I was on hold for another 20 minutes to have the phone line cut on me; resulting in having to ring back again and remain on hold for an additional 15 minutes.
By this point I am no longer happy to put my faith and business in the hands of a company that cant A. get an initial package right B. Answer the phone in a timely manor C. Cut the line on me when calling and finally are unable to communicate between themselves.

Third Issue: I have cancelled my package with a lovely young man who was understanding, he cancelled my package for me and advised me that there would be no charge whats so ever, he would send out a bag for me to return the equipment and that would be the end of it – Well, it wasn’t… £88+ was deducted from my Bank account. As you can appreciate i am becoming more and more frustrated,
I rasised a compliant at this point, i requested confirmation of my complaint in writing and asked when i would expect an outcome, i was told a manager would call me back – I NEVER GOT THIS CALL BACK AND THE COMPLAINT HAS NOT BEEN HANDLED.

Forth Issue: I contact BT again re a refund, i am left waiting on the line for 20 minutes to be told that there was nothing they can do and that i am to contact my bank and do an indemnity claim. I have now wasted near on 1 and a half hours resolving an issue of which should not have arisen in the first place. I got the monies back from bank and believed everything had been resolved.

Fifth Issue: I received a letter/final bill stating that I have £71.64 outstanding…. I once again call BT, i am on hold for 10 minutes – i ask to immediately to discuss this issue with a Customer Service manager to be told that is not something i am able to do but was offered a call back by a manager – I am not happy with this, especially knowing that my compliant has not been handled and i have not yet received the last call back i was expecting.

Sixth Issue: The call handler cuts the call – I am calling back AGAIN but placed on hold!

I am told that i am unable to speak to a manager – Why i do not know and so i am left feeling that what is seen to be the largest communications company in the world actually doesn’t really care and have in deed lost sight of what a good and respectable service looks like!

The service is possibly the worst i have EVER received. I receive a far better service when shopping in a market hall buying fruit and veg!

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