Help! I’ve really slow broadband speed

Another BT customer experiencing super slow broadband speed from their Internet connection.

Dear BT Complaint

I have used BT for my internet requirements for over 12 years. I used to be a BT ISDN customer in the days when it was worth paying for 2 calls at once to get a blistering fast 10k a sec downloads!

But now I am disgusted by the way my service has been catastrophically throttled in the afternoons for using a mere 80 gig a month. Lets break that number down. I download at 1 meg a second normally. That is 60 meg a minute, or 3600 meg an hour. At a rate of 3.6 gig an hour it would take me 23 hours to use my monthly allowance. Lets be fair and call it a day. So one day out of a month, I can use the service I pay for. That is 3% of the available time. Can you imagine the outcry if the water-board or the electricity company said you could only use the service you buy for 3% of the time? Outrageous!!!

I understand that my usage shouldn’t harm other users, but that excuse simply doesn’t hold water.

Firstly BT say that less than 1% of customers have their service crippled, well if it is less than 1% it cannot have that much affect on other users can it?

Secondly the paltry allowance of 80g a month isn’t used up by downloading television programs via BT Vision’s service. How’s that? Do they have a magic second cable which is only used by BT Vision? No, they don’t, so why do their other customers not get a sub-standard service when I watch BT vision? Simply they don’t. BT is full of abject twaddle.

And finally are there not monopoly issues about this BT Vision business? I find it difficult to believe that this business practice is permitted, surely BT are creating an unfair advantage for themselves?

Iam forced to forgo the use of services provided by BBC’s iPlayer, Apple’s iTunes, and LOVEFILM’s download service because BT are forcing me to use their Vision service.
If that isn’t a business practice which restricts fair competition I don’t know what is.

I was wondering if any users feel the same, perhaps we could consider a class-action suit?

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  • Signed up last November for unlimited broadband,I thought unlimited meant just that.BT are limiting my download speed so much I have ben banned from many sites ecause of my up speeds.Cant wait to go with Simply B

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