Getting reconnected – BT problem after problem

Moving house and being reconnected to phone and broadband should be easy enough for BT to sort as it’s their business. This following complaint shows this is far from reality.

Hello there

I’m emailing regarding my terrible customer service i’ve received. I’ve been with BT for 4 years and this past year has been horrendous with ourselves moving home and being reconnected to broadband and phone. I contacted BT in October 2010 and told them I was moving home and they said they would arrange this without any problems on the 5th Nov.

We moved house and contacted BT and got told we would not be connected until the 22nd November. I have spoken to about 50 staff members of which I have all there names telling me I would be connected on the 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th etc all lies as was never connected.

Eventually I got sent a dongle of which I got told I was not to be charged for but surprise surprise I got charged for it!!!

I got the money back my on my next bill after complaing but the dongle which was a waste of time as received this on the 23 Nov. Months went past without any problems until I received a phone call from BT asking if I wanted BT Vision. I said yes as I got told it was on offer and I would not get charged for it the first month but you guessed it, surprise surprise I got charged 3 months in advance plus a BT activation fee!!!!

Eventually after several phone calls I cancelled it but BT still insisted I pay the full amount I refused and cancelled my Direct Debit. This was getting out of hand as it was still on my September bill with only half the credits I refuse to pay the bill until you sent out the correct one. Eventually in October I had enough and informed BT was cancelling the service.

I spoke to customer support and got told I would be credited £144.17 and there would be no cancellation charge in my last bill. Before that you restricted my phone you cut off my broadband without notice no letters etc. Customer service put it back on for a week and you restricted it again, eventually I gave up phoning BT as they never listen or understand.

My November bill came through at £70.88 and surprise this was incorrect as they had not credited the full amount. My corrct bill should be £17.93.

Eventually I switched telephone and broadband supplier as I had enough. The other company was so professional in there service contacting me and the dates and put BT to shame.

Shocking service from BT!

lynda dalziel

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  • Is bt openreach is the worst company in the world? i have been trying to get a line for telephone and broadband fitted since August 2011 and it is now December 2011. The whole organisation is a complete joke. Whatever you do do not use this company! I am still waiting having had two engineers and a surveyor visit what is an easy installation. This was followed by four no shows whilst i waited inside the house. They simply say oh we rang you and there was no answer, they do not come to the house. But we do not have a phone! Complete disaster with hopless staff, avoid if you possibly can. Our next appointment is set for 11th January 2012!!!

  • Oh my goodness, this is exactly what is happening to me. They are driving me up the wall. I have lost count of the times I have been told that someone will phone me back and then doesn't. I have lost track of the number of times I have been told it has all been sorted out and it hasn't. I don't know which way to turn. This has been going on since September. I live in an isolated place and daren't risk being cut off. What do I do?

  • Ye I am having a nightmare at the moment! We were dreading our home move in September 2011 as the last BT homemove was such a shambles that we were credited 50 pounds by BT plus all charges refunded (generous for BT!) It's 4th Jan 2012 and we still don't have full service. Our line came on about 6 days ago and the TV partially yesterday. Too much negligence, lies and phone calls to discuss on this forum. Anyone any ideas or info on potential compensation?

  • Same sort of problem re moving house. Mistake after mistake made by BT. Each individual very polite but the account gets more and more muddled and nothing gets resolved. I keep being told 'its the system' thats at fault. How is it that a big company like this can't devise a better system? You are left just not knowing where to turn. Making a complaint seems a waste of time and no-one ever rings back. Would definitely not recommend!

  • Put an order in for a line on the 5th of September 2011, it is not the 13th jan 2012, and still nothing, they assured me last night that this will all be working, again nothing has happened, when I called them today they said that they are going to look into it. The worst company I have ever dealt with, I am beyond shocked! I need this service for my studies, otherwise i would of given up a long time ago.

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