Funny quote from a previous BT employee

I recently had a BT employee contact me with a funny quote i’d like to share with you all. He who shall not be named actually used to work for BT last year.

He told me that an ‘in joke’ in his office was that BT stood for “Bull***t and Transfer” hence being tranferred to different people

He basically couldn’t put up with it and quit as it was all about the figures. Apparently BT employees have 3 minutes per customer or they would be warned about their statistics.

This explains a lot as I am sure you will all agree!!!

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  • Just to correct this poster, the target for Call Handling Time (CHT) at BT is 450 seconds per call, I was often told off for my CHT which was usually around 495-550 seconds.

    Ms Bleba x

  • I do not know what dept ms bleba works in but we get 360 seconds from start of one call to the start of the next call so that is 6 minute but that is not time spent with the customer that is the time to complete everything from start to finish as well as time spent with the customer any follow up that needs to be done any attempted transfer and subsquent cutting off by advisors that do not want to deal with what may be a complicated issue

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