Funny BT Customer Service Video

For all those of you who have been put on hold for hours by BT Customer Service, you are not alone! This video beautifully sums up our feelings towards BT Customer Service:

BT Customer Service representatives, if you watch this, this is genuinely what is happening now, and has been happening for the past few years. Please can something be done!

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  • Duh! Customer Services Representatives are low paid wage-slaves, address your concerns to the chief executives instead, Micheal Rake, Nigel Stagg, Gillian Lewis etc etc

  • Just to let you know, Gillian Lewis is a made up charachter, its company policey to offloads complaints to India – X BT Employee

  • I am pulling my hair out with BT and have been for the past 6 months!!!!!! I HATE them!!!!!! Can anyone please tell me how to get hold of that Nigel Stagg chap??? and if there is anyway in which I can get out of this poxy contract!

  • If BT are in breach of the terms of the contract, (e.g. repeated connection drops etc which they fail to address in reasonable time), then you may end the contract because BT have already nullified it. Check with the Citizens Advice Bureau and you can find information on making small court claims against rogue companies. Threaten legal action if you have a valid complaint. Even to defend an action successfully will cost them more than they will get from you if you lose. By the way, if it is true that Gillian Lewis is a fictitious character then they are adding deception/fraud to their list.

  • The only way to get any action out of BT or similar companies, is to threaten to take your business elsewhere. To move your broadband to another company e.g. SKY, you need an 'MAC' (migration) number from BT. Ring 0800 800 030 (not the same as the useless call centre number), and tell them you're leaving and want an MAC number. They will then try to talk you out of it, so if you don't really want to leave, you can allow yourself to be convinced provided that they right all wrongs. When I did this, my internet which BT had cut off and failed to reconnect despite numerous complaints, was mysteriously reconnected.

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