Free Phone with BT?

Dear BT Complaints, I’m in the middle of complaint with BT. In short, I wanted to leave AOL due to poor service, was undecided on a new provider, called a few options and eventually decided on BT. My main reason was that in addition to the broadband speeds, cost etc, you also got a free phone……or so I thought!

I want to keep this brief if possible:

  • Spoke to BT after receiving a mail-shot showing deal including picture of home hub WITH phone. Person in sales described package INCLUDING FREE PHONE.
  • Looked at a few other providers but decided on BT due to phone.
  • Called back to book, was told price had changed slightly due to VAT which I accepted. Phone was not discussed but I was told package was the same except price change so I agreed to the order.
  • Received delivery of goods. Noticed phone was missing. Phoned immediately to check before setting up incase package needed to be returned. Was told I was not entitled to the phone.
  • Complained that I had been missold and after very long conversation I was eventually told a phone would be sent as goodwill.
  • After several weeks phone still not arrived. Phoned Saturday to check. Was told order was rejected. Exec could not tell me why so I asked for another to be sent. He refused. I asked for a manager. I was told one was not available but he would send a phone anyway. I insisted that I still received a call back from a manager at lunch time as I was unable to speak any longer. He agreed.
  • I received a voicemail message on my mobile approx 10 mins later advising the phone would arrive on 7th March. No call from manager as promised but decided not to continue complaint as phone was being sent.

This was all I really wanted, as promised.

Phone arrived today. It is the wrong model (BT Hub Phone 1020), does not fit my Home Hub (2.0) and is White.

I called to complain, was asked to explain everything and was then told she could not help. I was put through to another person, Ajay Fharma, and initially asked for a manager. He said he could help, I explained everything again in detail and was put on hold for a long time. He came back and told me I was not entitled to the phone, it could not be replaced as it was not faulty and he could not help. I asked for his manager.

After another 15 minutes I was put through to Navmeet Bali. After repeating everything again I heard exactly the same repetitive, negative irritators I always here from BT, I’m sorry but…., I’m afraid I can’t…., you’re not entitled to…., I cannot help you…., you shouldn’t have been given that…..! I wonder if anyone in customer care actually care or have any training in communication?

At this point I had been on the phone for over an hour and was furious. I insisted that I bypass customer service and speak to someone in the CEO’s office as I had been told very clearly that anyone I spoke too would say the same. This was refused and I endured another 10 minutes of repetitive irritators about following the standard complaints procedure.

I explained that all I wanted was an apology and the correct phone as initially promised. I asked to be put through to anyone who could give me this. And was told again that no one I spoke to would agree.

I repeated again and again that I either wanted an apology and the correct phone or a member on the CEO’s office to call me back. A very simple request. We’ll see!

This complaint is very minor in comparison to the complaints I have read about on here but I felt it was relevant because it shows that even the simplest of complaints comes up against negative resistance and a reluctance to keep the customer happy.

I hope my simple complaint gets resolved. I also hope that BT learns a simple lesson in customer care……..

Bev Parmenter

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  1. After being a customer for 14 years I have found BT to be increasingly incompetent inline with increasing cost. They have failed to deal effectively with every mistake. They have also put billing forward ahead of time and up with no explanation or covering letter. I have attempted to end the services three times and each time I call, and eventually get to speak to someone, they have no records of my requests.

    I have found that O2 offer the same services for a fraction of the cost, as do several other competitors.

  2. count your self lucky.
    i have had my hub and phone for 4 months now only to discover this phone is not my land line but an internet phone and i have been charged over £60 in phone call costs even though some times it uses its self as a landline. i can tell this as there are 2 different numbers. BT will not refund or compensate and now i cant use the phone unless i want to be charge extra for the call, even though i have BTs highest package of broadband and TV. so now i have to go and buy a landline phone as i got rid of my old one hence having a nice new BT hub phone.
    I have been missold this products and has cost me alot of money.

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