Free calls but only at £61 + £4.99 per month

This BT Complaint was sent in today regarding the cost of BT phone calls.

Dear Sir

I’m amused with BT. I moved over to the UK in November, in December I contracted the triple play service from BT. I ordered the Broadband, TV and phone service. As I still have family in Portugal I decided to pay for the International freedom for only £4.99 a month. As I have 2 teenagers I thought it would be wise to contract the UK landlines deal. I did not want any surprise bills.

In January I received the bill and to my surprise I was charged £1.410 to UK phone lines and £9.210 for international calls. I thought that BT had just forgotten I had the extra options associated with my contract. I decided to call them and just correct the mistake. Being Portuguese it is my national duty to complain. After some treacherous navigation through the automated call routing I finally got through to a friendly human voice on the other end.

Having explained that I had used my “BT phone” to call UK Landlines as well as International numbers that should be free under the options I had chosen and that these should be free she promptly informed me that BT would not be charging me for it. Downright proper of her, I began to feel impressed with my chosen provider – BT is the Best.

However in the middle of the conversation I understood that she was aware that I had the free call plans but I was being charged because I had use the Internet age BT phone as opposed to the stone age BT phone. I was informed the Internet Hub phone “used the satellite” which was different from the land line which apparently avoids sky-rocket rates.

Oh she said. You need to have the old phones, I can rent one for £5 a month or buy one for £39 but these cheap phones are out of stock but you can get one for £61. I ordered the phone for £61. Having hung up I decided to compare Argos prices and can pick one up for £15. I called back and canceled my order. After informing BT that I was canceling the order I was put on hold so long I asked if the gentleman had gone on holiday in the meantime!

Just two issues remain.

1. I was impressed that even though I used the “rocket age” phone, they will not charge me, but that is the last time they will forgive my trespasses.

2. I require BT’s CEO email so I can ask where I can return the “rocket age” phone that BT so amiably provided. You see I am tempted to use the BT-super-dupa-rocket-age-satellite-connected-Hub-Internet-phone but I cannot since I only get free calls on the “stone age”, vanilla flavor, £15 phone I will have to purchase from Argos.


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  • Joe, you have my sympathies. I've just gottten of the phone to BT customer services after being billed for calls I thought were free. I applied for their triple service as a brand new customer; they provided a line and hub phone. Now I learn that "I" made the mistake of having the ANYTIME plan on the landline and not the VoiP (BT Talk) line. The service desk seemed amazed that I only had one phone, a HUB phone in my house and that I used it for making calls. Could they move the ANYTIME plan over to the VoiP line, no – I'd be breaking contract. I have time on my hands, am a paid up Which subscriber and, rest assured, I'll persue this to the end.

  • Why dont you idiots just press the button on your "rocket age" phones which will switch you between your landline and broadband talk lines?
    The BB line is an EXTRA line, not your main line.

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