Fraudsters – Hours wasted; lies told; utter inefficiency

Submitted by Dee in November 2016

I have spent literally hours fighting through the impressive barriers BT deliberately create for their customers in an attempt to shut down a Premium Mail Account. I have been patient and polite throughout, feeling sorry for the poor worker in India who must have to put up with huge negativity and frustration from every customer they speak to. BT have seemingly trained their staff to lie; drop calls; leave customers on hold for so long they simply give up.

I have been given, thus far, four different excuses why my account has not or cannot be closed – all lies. I always ask for the name of the person dealing with the cancellation; I’m always given clearly false names.

I have been told I will be called back to confirm the cancellation – it never happens. I will NEVER have anything to do with BT again and will ensure that I warn all my family and friends about this fraudulent, incompetent company.

They deceive their customers and take advantage mercilessly; I worry so much for the elderly who may not have the ability to fight such obscene, crook-like tactics.

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