Existing Dispute Complaint

Dear BT complaints

I complained and raised a formal dispute about an incorrect bill after I had accepted a free offer for one year, and then cancelled at the end of the year as I had not found the service useful. I thought I had not been restored to where I was before the offer. This may be incorrect, but bills are obscure enough for this not to be clear, and I had a lot of trouble finding a bill old enough to throw more light on the situation (this delayed my response longer than I had intended). Also, my bills started coming monthly instead of quarterly. I was told by email that bills after the end of the trial could not be refunded; this may turn out to be correct if they restored the status quo ante, and I am awaiting clarification on that, in response to an email sent this morning (12 Dec 11).

However, I found that my phone service had been disabled this afternoon. I understand that this is not even allowed when a dispute is outstanding – it is blackmail, and it is certainly an inappropriate way to try to resolve a dispute. I am unable to communicate by telephone with BT at all – if I try to dial 100 or 150, the call is not put through; it is only possible to communicate with automatic services. The amount of the bill is disputed, although it may turn out to be justifiable (in which case I will pay it). The bill also arrived one month after the previous bill, when the agreed billing period is quarterly (agreed by BT, in an email received recently).

I write to complain about the unreasonable, and possibly illegal, disconnection of telephone service. Please ensure that I am not charged for the period when service was not provided. I don’t know whether I should ask in this email for the general problem to be looked into also, or if this is being done in another department.

Thank you,

Michael Salem PhD

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