Excess use of internet charges, notification and lack of clarity

A customer complaint who is not happy about BT download limit, unclear billing, delays in billing and poor slow customer service.

Dear BT Complaint

I have written to BT twice about a complaint and telephoned on a number of occasions,( I have the call references available).

I was called today by BT, 5 months after my initial call, and was given a grudging apology but also a refusal to make any recompense.

In my December bill I was charged excess usage (£25) with no explanation. Being a 1 plan account this could have been for anything. My next bill in March showed further sums for ‘excess usage’, again no explanation. I telephoned several times again.

I later discovered, (by chance when talking to a sales person) that this was an excess ‘download’ charge.

I want to complain about….

  1. The term ‘download’ is a misleading one in the way you choose to use it and in my opinion is not being applied in accordance with the agreement we have. The excess charge is for use of the internet (in your use) not about downloading material to my hard drive on my computer, which is the way the term would normally be used.
  2. The reason for the excess charge was not clearly stated on the bills and the lack and the continued lack of an explanation for many months, gave me no opportunity to modify my use of the internet or change my option band.
  3. That the excess charge applied to a use 6 months prior to the bill, which in my view is an unacceptable delay in billing.
  4. BT have failed to answer my letters and have been very slow in coming back to me about the issues I have raised. That is today five months after my first call.

These concerns have not been addressed by BT, apart from a verbal apology this morning and a statement that BT now regard the matter as ‘dealt with’.

David Hayes

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  • I'm having the same kind of issue with BT. I find they are being extremely unhelpful, dismissive and very sneaky with how they charge customers….maybe customer is the wrong word, i'll substitute that with 'number'!

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