Engineer did not turn up. No notification.

Submitted by Paul in October 2016

On the 19/10/2016 I booked the day off work as I had an engineer coming to my house between 1pm and 6pm. The Engineer did not turn up. After countless phone calls to customer service regarding this issue I still haven’t got any idea of why this appointment was missed.

I have now received an email about an appointment for 2/11/2016 and there will be no need to wait in as there is no need for an engineer to come out and that my service will go live on that date!! I am still yet to receive my YouView box.

After complaining on Friday night I was “Promised” by an Indian guy that someone would call me today in regards to my complaint. Not surprisingly, nobody has called!!!!

All in all I have wasted a days holiday from work and easily 3 plus hours of my own time on the phone to customer services, with an email today telling me that an appointment which was made without me even knowing (2/11/2016) was not needed as there was no need for engineer to come out!!

I hope someone can help with my frustrations with BT.

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