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Our BT Broadband was suppose to be activated on the 10th of October 2016. Withou out explaining BT changed the date to the 20th. When the 20th came the Smart Hub had a flashing purple light, meaning that the broadband did not connect to the service. An engineer were suppose to come on the 31st of October. After receiving the e-mail confirming that the engineer is at the property but no one arriving, I called 18 minutes later , just to hear that he was at the property, but that nobody opened the door. Funny, because I was at home and nobody rang the doorbell. From there on it was one disaster after the other with BT customer service. After sending me another Smart Hub, then a Home Hub, we eventually got a supervisor to get an engineer on the case.

It must have been the 16th of November. He called the 18th to say our broadband will be working by the Friday at 18:00. The Friday came and went, and still no broadband. So with calls every second day saying they will sort out problem, I lost it when somebody called me on the 28th to tell me that they still working on the problem and that the supervisor will call me in four days. Now we live in a remote part of Northwest Scotland and rely on broadband to shop, bank and to communicate. We also use it for our work. From the 10th I had to buy mobile date at £15 for 3Gb and have a contract with Bt mobile giving me 4GB. We use about 10-11GB a month which means that it costing me £30 a month to have mobile data.

In the meanwhile BT is also charging me for Unlimited broadband since October. Is this the custom in the UK to wait so long for your service to be sorted out? They have been calling us everyday second day to either tell us the asvisor/supervisor was not available or when he/she did call, telling us they are still looking on the fault. The best was last Wednesday when the supervisor told me that spare parts was on its way from Orkney Island. Or the supervisor asking me if my broadband is working, just to tell me two sentences later she can she there is a fault. Enough said about BT and its lack of proper customer service and care.

They realy sound like they are reading pre-written answers. At this stage the mobile data I had to buy is about £45 and still going. Can anybody help?

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  • I dont know if anyone can help, but I thought I would reply to let you know that if nothing else, other customers still use the site. I am not sure if the site is still being maintained or not as I found it from an post made 4 years ago (2012). I dont see the date you made the post but can estimate it must be recent by the dates you mention. I hope you get sorted. 33 days waiting for activation for me and counting. Scandelous BT Scandelous.

  • We have not been able to access our emails for the last 5 days which is causing major inconvenience. The lack of help and service I have received from BT is totally unacceptable. I have no confidence in what I am being told by BT and over the last 5 days I have been told to reset my password up to 25 times. Then I was told it was because a migration had taken place (if so, this does not take 5 days !) and then informed there is problem with the server. Just a list of excuses and told each day it will be fixed tomorrow but the problem has still not been resolved and there is no sense of customer care whatsoever. Really bad service!! Please fix and telephone me on 07955 245263. It is totally unacceptable that we can’t access our emails for 5 days.

  • I am visiting this site as I have having a BT disaster in relation to my mobile, but I had what sounds like a similar issue to you in relation to my broadband just before Christmas. In fairness to BT, whilst they faffed around for a long time and like you I had to incur data charges, they did sort it out in the end, including appropriate refunds.

    I used their ‘complaints’ option on their website, rather than phoning them and live chat. That allowed me to set out the story in full. I ended it by saying what I would like them to do, something like:
    1. A refund on the broadband charges between the date it went down and the date it was eventually fixed.
    2. A refund for the charges on my phone data that I wouldn’t otherwise have used.
    3. My phone’s monthly data allowance to be reset, so I won’t be charged for more data.

    BT phoned me and basically did all that, by agreeing to refund the charges with a credit on my next bill. They didn’t reset the data, they said they would let me use it and refund whatever the charges were (I was near the end of the month anyway), but not wanting to tempt fate, I kept data switched off until month end.

    Can’t help with ideas for getting it fixed I’m afraid, I would just say use the complaints options rather than ‘fix a problem’ options, they seem to be a bit quicker to respond.

    • so many days of complains, no internet no clear respose, case gets bounced from one to the other, the Openreach team should be named as “closed reach”, BT and Openreach are two teams and it clearly shows that BT cannot control Openreach team. i have been suffering for almost a week now and my internet is down. i have never had an issue for 7 yrs. and after 7 yrs. I pay the same as my bill and pay by direct debit, so am never behind with payments. why am i not treated the same as other customers why ????


  • We took on another 24 months in December 2016 with agreed prices for everything. Within the first month they were charging more and I received credit back. The Chinese woman in customer services hung up on me! Every month they charge more and I complained through Chat and she told me that the prices had increased! What was the point in receiving a 24 month contract when they don’t honour the prices. The service which we receive is crap for BT Infinity 2 and constantly lags and drops out.

  • Having the same trouble as everyone else with BT broadband so here’s our story we moved house start of January of 2017 New year new home. Before then we was with virgin media and getting 150mbps constant. No hassle, always there, always fast, always reliable, but where we moved to we can’t get virgin (very annoyed been a loyal customer of virgin for nearly 20yrs) So we had to find a new provider so we chose BT with their infinity 2 Unlimited package (76mbps) it’s more expensive than virgin for half the speed but was all we could get. what a mistake that’s been!!! at 1st we got our 76mbps for about 5 wks then all of a sudden it dropped to less than half that currently @29mbps this is costing us £50 a month with no explanation from BT as to why this has happened after countless complaints and fault reporting going on 4 months now, we are still only receiving half of our contracted speed!! we report it, it goes as a fault a day later they say its fixed but errrr No it isn’t!!! but you cant actually speak to anyone in person about it because you phone up get someone in India ( am i right in thinking BT still stands for British Telecom!!) an then spend an hr on the phone getting nowhere because the person on the other end of the line doesn’t understand our English accent so all your time is wasted constantly repeating everything to the point of utter frustration that you want to put your hands down the Phone and punch them repeatedly about the head! whilst shouting now do you f****ing understand me!! so you end up putting the damn phone down and snapping at whoever is closest (usually the wife ) because the person has gotten you so wound up and you still haven’t got an answer to your questions and still have the same crappy speed broadband.
    So what do you do you go back online you go to their website you login and begin the fault reporting all over again and again and again all to no avail! They just cannot be bothered to rectify or even attempt to sort the problem out from what we can see, yet every month fast as lightning they take our money for a service they are just not providing and don’t seem to even be capable of providing, Yet currently they are advertising speed increases to its 52mbps customers for FREE!!!!!.
    it is in my opinion nothing but daylight robbery and a breach on their part of the contract that we signed with them as they are NOT providing the service we are paying for. Sadly this seems to be the same for a lot of their customers and believe me if your reading this we really do feel your pain and not a day goes by without regret for not listening to about the 20 or so of my wife an I’s combined family members that all told us NOT to go to BT that they where rip off merchants that DON’T care at all about their existing customers!!!!. we really should have listened to them….. My apologies to everyone for such a long rant I hope you can understand its just out of utter frustration towards a company i am ashamed to be known as BRITISH!!! Telecom…
    My advice to anyone change service provider and just don’t waste your time or money on this dire excuse for a company!.

  • To Gavin CEO
    I ordered a bt phone line and new house connection in april 2017
    I paid for a hub and four new phones which are still in their packaging.
    My new house sits between two bungalows and next to both of them are bt phone line hatches in the road.
    I still have no phone line or broadband and do not get reception on mobile phones.
    My father in law is 89 and partially sighted and receives attendance allowance.
    We were supposed to move in but cannot move until there is a phone line and we can install telecare.
    Every week i receive an update and am given another date for an update.
    I am hearing that this is a regular occurrence with bt and am disappointed and annoyed to say the least.
    Tomorrow I am going to the local papers for a photo op with my father in law and his white cane and I will be writing to my MP Ian Blackford .
    I regret ever contacting bt for a phone line yet I have been a bt customer for over 30 years .
    I suspect that you care very little for the opinions of your customers but on the off chance I am sending you this . Today i was told yet again to expect an update on August 3 rd…. I put the order in back in April ( and paid for phones and a hub that are still unused ) on the expectation of service provision by May………..

  • Don’t know were to start. from the 16th August we thought we would order a package fron BT Yes they could do that they phoned to say there was a technical problem so it was cancelled said they would reorder straight away after a few days wondering why we had not heard we rang again to be told there was no order in place BT said they would make it a priority. I wish I had walked away then the stress they have but us through is unbelievable. when they connected us on the 23rd August we was over the moon. then are troubles really started. called to ask for a bt ID no matter how much I tryed I could not get into my account Bt tried to set it up and failed this went on until 30 August by this time I was so stressed I was shaking. another call from BT and he what me an email account I thanked him when I looked it was full of someone else’s Emails called Bt again they said it’s Spam do not open sent me a link to dealing with spam.Ididnt delete cos any idiot could see it wasnt Spam.
    Thought I would go into my account to pay the Bill was someone elses account had all their details later on we rang them they had lost all their Accounts I called BT to try and explain that we were given someone elses account and they didnt won’t to now and so it goes on Cancelled my BT and they want to charge us for a service we never had. the story goes on and on. Regards Brian Hampton

  • I had BT Infinity installed in March 2018. It was worse that my older BT Broadband. BT has a file of complaints from me and the problem is still not solved. They told me my new Hub 6 was incompatible with Infinity, and yet it came as part of the Infinity deal. I am absolutely and utterly fed up with their incompetence. Some people with incomprehensible foreign accents go through the usual rubbishy rigmarole and I have told them umpteen times that there is nothing wrong with my phone line or my computer setup. They supplied a new BT Hub 5 saying it would be better than the BT Hub 6, but here is no improvement. Three quarters of the time the signal is excellent and the response instantaneous, but during peak usage periods it becomes low and keeps cutting out. I get messages such as “Your connection was interrupted” and “There is no Internet signal”. The problem is with BT itself. They simply cannot cope with high traffic during peak house. I am paying an exorbitant price for a 10th-class “service”. I threatened to dump BT and change to another provider and was told it would cost me a penalty of £300. I am going to give them a two/week deadline of providing me with their advertised service and if they don’t fix this problem completely I will dump them and if they try to charge me a penalty for something that is their fault, not mine, I will take them to court. BT are incompetent . No wonder they are the worst Internet providers and the most complained about. They have caused me hours and even days of frustration and anger because of their stupidity.

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