Endless problems with BT

Submitted by Owen in October 2016

Currently I am unable to login to BT at all to see my call usage or change my profile details. I’ve been having no end of problems since moving to BT from TalkTalk. In recent weeks/days I’ve been harangued by email to activate my BT ID when in fact I’ve been logging in to BT regularly for several years.

I’ve always logged into BT by using my account ****** or via ******.

It took a couple of months to get my phone number 015******** moved to a fast part of the BT network. I then started using broadband and BT TV which was a major achievement but BT failed to inform TalkTalk to stop my call service with them. I had to do this myself last month! This has cost me money.

Please make my login problems disappear. I’m happy to login using my full email address rather than via ******. Neither method works for me currently.


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