Emergency Lift Phone

Dear BT, I’ve just received the latest BT billing and I would like to point out that this telephone location is in a Lift for use in an emergency calls in case of lift failure and has an automatic dial facility permanently attached.

This facility dials each day to ensure there is a live line but cannot report any fault if the line is not available.

Our Lift engineer carrying out the service to the lift on 6th April reported to the writer that the Lift telephone was faulty and there was no service.

I reported this to BT faults on 6th April and it was repaired on the evening of the 8th April. The line is now fully operational. The fault was found to be external to the building some 85 metres away and clearly not of our making.

I have today received the invoice and details of calls made from this telephone point. I note however that no calls have been made since 11th January through to the 8th April – i.e., there line has been faulty for almost 3 months since the last invoice.

Your invoice indicates that you charge us in advance for a service that you have not provided for most of the last three months.

We ask for a reconsideration of the service charges for the last quarters when the service you are supposed to have provided has not been available. I would remind you that the provision of the lift is on charitable premises. Thank you in anticipation of a prompt and sensible approach to this request!

Yours faithfully
Peter G White

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