Email Problems

BT complaint from a customer experiencing email problems. 

Dear BT Complaint, having signed up for BT broadband I tried to use my email. Unfortunately I was unable to get it working so I tried trawling the website for problem solving and after 40 minutes realised that I need my password to change my log in details or I needed my log in details to change my password. So I telephoned BT and eventually got put through to a representative who was extremely helpful and after several attempts admitted defeat. He also put me through to Yahoo who after being kept waiting for over 67 minutes told me that my BT email account had net been validated with Yahoo and therefore did not exist but he did offer to re-apply but I informed him that I would ONLY accept the original name that I had been given and no pseudonym.

He then said he would get someone form Yahoo to phone, I asked was he not from Yahoo and it turned out he was a BT representative for Yahoo but Yahoo would telephone tomorrow (Sunday) so after 3 hours on the phone I had just found out the problem. I waited in all day but alas no one telephoned, pity a I had plans to go out visiting but cancelled.

I decided you use my flexi hours to sort the problem out first thing Monday morning. All I wanted was an address in order to send a slowmail as I felt it would be dealt with more proficiently than the telephone and he kept offering me to put e through to Yahoo and I eventually said I do not want to be put through as I know the problem and spent over 3 hours on the phone to no avail and now wish to try another method of communication, he told me to hold on and then cut me off.

I decided to go through the answering choices and eventually got put through again and kept asking for an address and I did not wish to complain over the telephone as I have tried it failed and now wear several T shirt to that effect and wish to formally complain in writing, so he put me through to his supervisor who again kept wanting to take the complaint and told me it was now escalated, I informed him I don’t give two hoots how escalated it is and still want a address to formally complain in writing.

I got the address but what a palaver.

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