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Dear BTcomplaint.com, due to BT’s high prices, tying customers into long contracts with hefty termination charges, and often very poor level of customer service, I was pleased to read some small print at the bottom of a recent email regarding BT increasing their early termination charges.

I quote *If as a result of this change you decide to terminate your service(s), you may do so without incurring the early termination charge that may otherwise be payable if you are terminating within the minimum term of your contract. If you wish to exercise this right you must contact us within 10 days of receiving this notification. You will still be liable for service charges up to the date of termination’.

Sounds good to me. So I telephoned BT same day to let them know that I wanted to exercise my right to terminate my services. I had to spend a long time on the phone and forwarded the email to 2 BT employees who had no idea of this policy, however one of them finally agreed that I could go ahead and switch providers without incurring termination charges. I even made sure that this was recorded against my account notes.

A few weeks later my broadband had switched and I phoned BT just to enquire about when the phone would be switching, and whether I would have any loss of service. I was informed at this point that I would face termination charges. I was asked to forward the email (for the third time) so that she could have a look.

I then received this response:-

I have looked through the email that you have sent and my manager has also confirmed that you will be held to term on the package that you have if you wish to cancel. The email you have received from BT, informs you that the held to term charges would be increasing, not that you can cancel with no charges.

I replied politely saying that I don’t think she had read the same small print that I had, and could she confirm, but alas I have had no reply

BT, you’ve seriously annoyed me now, I have spent around £1,500 with you over the last 4 years, without a single late payment.

I have now cancelled my direct debits, I have lodged a complaint. I refuse absolutely to pay any cancellation charges. I will NEVER use BT ever again (I have a long memory). And I will ensure that I publicise my poor BT customer service experience at every opportunity

Will M

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  • i published a complaint on here early and to date its not been published i take it that my complaint not worthy of this site

  • I'm having trouble with their early cancellation fees – I calucated, using their website the fee of £80.75 to cancel – which is fine, I joined sky via a cashback website to balance this out – I hate BT that much I just want out now. However final bill says £137.50 fees – I have been on the phone to 6 advisors, 2 supervisors, 3 online advisors, and I still can't get a better answer to the question "why are my fees different to what's listed online" than "Because that's what we've charged you". I don't think I've ever been more angry. And what's worse is that cancellations put me through to billing, who put me back to cancellations – plus I get given fake names! Urgh. I just want to know why!!

  • Why are all these fees allowed and how are the high prices for these fees justified? Time to put a stop to this culture.

  • Don't blame BT. Blame the thieving Etonians calling themselves a government when their sole purpose in existence is to use British citizens to make themselves and their friends richer. The likes of Cameron and the queen…yuk I struggle to utter the word queen.

  • I am 83 yrs old ,and I have a pension of £130 per week, NO BENEFITS at all, I have any time Phone and broadband with BT, when the charges went up from £32.30 per month to £54. 78, I found I cannot manage, so I told BT I would have to lose the Broadband. so they gave me a better deal £32.50 to stay with BT. Great but after a couple of months It went back up to ,Now £54.78 again I feel you have broken the contract by not informing me first. That is the reason I have looked for a better deal elsewhere, Sky offered me my same TV +anytime phone and Broadband for £82.00, which saves me £38.55 per month, If you can equal that I will stay with BT. I certainly cannot pay that outrageous leaving fee, it is almost like Blackmail. Phyllis

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