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Submitted by Ravi in November 2016

I have been a BT customer for some time, including group services from EE. I also work extensively with your BT Global Services teams in a professional capacity delivering millions in revenue to BT.

I recently moved home to be closer to family. Part of that move included moving BT services from my previous home to the new home.

This, seemingly simple, action has been one of the poorest examples of professional competency and customer service that I have ever experienced. To date, I do not have any services live and I have been met with aggressive, threatening, rude and unprofessional staff along the way.

I have suffered major inconveniences including spending hours on the phone, cancelling meetings and taking time off work, and having to apologise to my neighbours because one of your engineers was out of control. All this, and still I have no service.

I have chronicled the events as best I recollect – but it has gotten to the point where professionally I have been compromised and personally I have grown completely disillusioned with BT and all of your services and your approach to customer care.

I will leave you with the following to review, and take action as you see fit – I would expect at the very least, a full refund and an escalation to resolve – but the rest I leave to you to decide.

Appreciate your time reviewing this, and hope we can conclude successfully.


October – Originally order a home move, am told that you don’t have the exact same services in the new property as the old property and would need to downgrade services and upgrade again once they are installed. I cannot cancel the contract without penalties so I accept the advice and the installed is booked in for weeks.

31st October – BT Engineer visits property to install BT Broadband, Phone and TV. My mother is at the property, your engineer Is threatening, aggressive and unprofessional. Engineer was screaming and shouting on my block to the point where neighbours came out and asked if we should call the police. Formal complaint was raised and no response provided. Eventually installed and left the premises, service was not activated and I was informed it would be before midnight. No service.

5th November – Notified BT that service was still not working. Was told by BT that there would be another engineer that would come out on Tuesday and remotely fix the problem by the following Wednesday – was assured repeatedly that I should be patient.

6th November – Engineer visits property to tell me that he can’t find my line and is a surprise visit – had no idea he was coming. He informs me that he needed access to the property to do some testing (how would I know this if he’s a surprise visit), but now has to go home for dinner now so another engineer will need to be booked.

6th November – I call in again, and turns out there is still another engineer due to come out on Tuesday and he will not need access to my property. I inform the tech support that he will need access as I have just been told so. Your phone support tells me they know what they’re doing, no access needed.

8th November – I’m at work, I get a missed call. I call back, turns out its your engineer, and he does need access to my property. But he has sent back the job and now cannot support the case and another engineer will need to be booked. Helpful guy, and said if I can get the case number, he will try and pick it up as he knows what the issue is.

8th November – I call your tech support incredibly frustrated, your tech support tells me “you have no right to be frustrated”. Continues to dismiss my recommendation that she book another engineer and ensure he visits the property. “He will not need to visit the property”. I take the VOL number and call back the engineer who had visited earlier and give him the case number to try and pull it down, unfortunately he can’t pull it down – and I wait.

9th November – Another engineer, visits the exchange, then calls and says he needs to visit the property. I’m at work, and ask my mother to provide access as she lives nearby. Engineer visits, within an hour gets the service up and running. Unfortunately, he is under no instruction to install TV. So at this point, I have internet services and no TV. Speeds are 8mb/s roughly.

9th November – I call your sales team to upgrade to Infinity 2 and BT UHD. Sale processed and booked for 25th November.

10th November – Speak to one of your tech teams about speeds, books a ‘performance’ engineer to visit and check the line.

17th November – Engineer visits property and does some tests, leaves, performance is the same.

24th November – I receive texts from BT that service will go live for TV, Infinity and Phone on 25th at anytime upto midnight.

25th November – Waiting all day for engineer, none arrives. Call in to your order tracking team who tell me that all the work will be done remotely, and no TV is listed to be installed on the premises. At approximately 5.50pm my internet services go down and the router is flashing orange. No service AGAIN.

26th November – Call to speak to tech support, transferred to call centre asked to reset router and that there is a fault with the line. Again your rep on the phone says no worries and that they’ll fix it all remotely, offers me no dates, no times and says someone will call me on Monday 28th to talk to me. I have no service, and I am being treated like an inconsequential customer.

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